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New purchases ?

  1. kuenstler
    has anyone, besides me, made any new purchases of analogue equipment ? I ask as I wonder if the trend is to sell and only collectors or newbies are buying analogue kit.

    I've recently bought a Zeiss Super Ikonta IV 534/16, and have used it these past two weeks extensively, although not developed any rolls yet.

    I would be very interested to know if any others in France are also buying new or used cameras.



  2. stormpetrel
    Hi Johny

    There is still a strong interest in film photography in France. I do not live in France (I'm a french guy living in New Zealand) but I quite often participate to french film oriented photography forums.
    Those forums are quite active so I suspect people of any ages are still buying film cameras but I can not say if the film camera market is driven by collectors or by photographers.

    Good luck with your super Ikonta. I have the Russian copies of it (the Moskva 4 and 5), I love both of them!

    Cheers, Dom
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