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Tempor shutter

  1. mmont
    I have a tempor shutter on my folder. I haven't used it yet. Does anyone have any guidance in the use of this shutter?
  2. DWThomas
    That's the shutter found in my Ercona II. But I suppose there could be more than one model. As I understand it (on thin ice here), the Tempor is an East German equivalent, though not an exact copy, of a moderately early Synchro-Compur. An instruction manual for a West German Zeiss Ikonta 523/2, a beast of similar design and vintage to my Ercona, says the shutter speed may be set before or after the shutter is cocked, except for the shortest shutter speed which is 1/500 on the unit in the manual. My Ercona Tempor tops out at 1/250 and doesn't appear to care.

    The flash sync is " ... synchronized for flash so that the camera can be used with any current flash unit; e.g. the Zeiss Ikon Ikoblitz or Ikotron. " I think that's M and X respectively, but there's no switch on my Tempor. The Synchro-Compur has an M-X switch. I seldom use flash on any of my cameras, so I haven't actually scoped it out on the Ercona. There is a self timer; you push the shutter cocking lever as far as it goes, then by pushing the little flat chrome button (near the uncocked position of the cocking lever slot) forward, the cocking lever can be pushed further, engaging a self timer delay. The manual I've been referencing suggests the delay is about 8 seconds. The delay does not work in the "B" setting, or at the shortest (1/500) shutter settings. On my Ercona, the Tempor shutter's shortest setting is 1/250, and the delay works with that speed.

    So there's something (but not a whole lot). I just got this Zeiss approximation manual a week or so back, and I've had the Ercona II more than a year, so I guess the intuitive approach works. The Zeiss manual doesn't correlate 100% with the Ercona anyway. Maybe someone else on these esteemed forums can fill us in.

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