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Kodak, variant "Tropic"

  1. Antonenko
    I have bought this chamber in spite of the fact that is problematic to find such film of this type. The Chamber simply was pleasant. When I have started to search for the information on this chamber in this variant, to me haven't carried. The request who is close with the Kodak. Share the information about similar variants.

    With greetings from Russia
  2. flatulent1
    Kodak Classics website
    The manual at Butkus.org

    Looks like a lovely camera. Congratulations!
  3. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Antonenko;

    Welcome to APUG.

    The Kodak Rainbow Hawkeye 2A Model B is a venerable camera now about 80 years old. The sample you have seems to be in very nice condition. Congratulations on your very good fortune in finding this camera. As far as the film goes; yes, the 616 roll film was dropped by the Eastman-Kodak Company (EKCo.) about 25 years ago. Most people with cameras calling for 616 film have accepted that they must substitute, and go to the 120 roll film format with some thick washers or other spacers to add to the length of the 120 spool to fit the space and accept the drive pins of the camera body. Yes, the image is narrower than the original 616 film format, but it does keep the camera going, and it prevents it from becoming just a static display inside a glass case of what photography used to be like. Yes, you can take photographs with it, and you will probably be surprised at what you get from the fairly simple lens, but then it does have a maximum aperture of only f/8. Most of the photographs taken with the cameras of this type were done with black and white film, so your using and developing your own B&W film will be right in character with the camera. It also saves having to ask someone else who will be developing your film for you to please save and return to you the modified 120 roll film spool that the film was wound onto.


    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
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