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Greetings! Just got my Agfa Record III 6x9 folder

  1. peretzmatthew
    Hi all,
    I live north of NYC and I just got my Agfa Record III from Jurgen Kreckel (who has answered a million questions I've asked and I think he's fantastic). Haven't even developed my first 'test roll' as I am trying to decide who to send it to. I was using LTI Lightside in NYC but they insist on shipping it back UPS, making the shipping (an hour away) as expensive or more expensive than the processing. I am doing process only and then scanning the negatives in to see if any are worth actually printing. Those are the economics of being unemployed for 3 years now. I would process it myself, but I don't want to get into all of the chemicals, etc and I don't have any equipment.

    Besides, I just spent a small fortune amassing the tools, chemicals, and last but not least the bodies (and the ultimate manual) to do full CLA's on Exaktas- - my new hobby.

    I am trying to look up whether or not anybody does 120 film in Westchester or I might just end up using Moonphoto or A&I, both of whom promised me that they would return-ship by USPS at a much cheaper rate than these places that insist on using UPS. I understand that they don't find USPS reliable... but I can't afford the premium cost for return shipping. I just can't.

    Matthew Peretz
  2. agfarapid
    Unless your shooting color, suggest you process your B&W yourself. You can probably pick up the processing equipment (developing tank, reels, thermometer and chemicals for the cost of processing 4 or 5 rolls of film (assuming about $6 per roll). The results will be more than worth it Besides, considering the money invested in purchasing a top notch folder, you owe it to yourself and the camera
  3. b&wisbest
    I agree. You will learn more by doing your own processing and you can experiment with the more exotic developers like Rodinal cafe oil etc. Stand development can produce wonderful results especially medium format, just like the great exponents like Achet in Paris. EBay/darkroom is great for tanks etc. You'll grow to love it.
    I am glad to hear that you had a good experience buying from Jurgen, I am toying with the idea of buying from him but put off by the transportation cost and exchange rates for the UK!
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