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Mystery Super Ikonta 530....

  1. ContaxRTSFundus
    I hope the expertise to be found in APUG members can come to my rescue. My gf has given me a Super Ikonta 530 that she wants to sell that belonged to her father; nothing unusual in that. What is unusual is that I can't find any reference for it...

    It is marked Super Ikonta 530 on the leathers and must be an export model as also embossed is Made in Germany/Industria Alemana. However, what is very odd is that this 530 has a shutter button on the top plate, unlike every other 530 I have seen. It also has the 7cm f3.5 Tessar rather than the usual 7.5cm lens and a Compur shutter with a top speed of 1/300 as well as B,T. It is marked internally with the details of Zeiss Ikon 6x9 Film (including the colour label showing the film box), though it shoots at 6x4.5. It also has an Albada Finder and a slide for the 2 red glass roundels on the back plate.

    Does anyone here know what I've got? I've tried classiccameras and cameraquest but they have no idea and have referred me to Zeisshistorica.org, who can't even be bothered to reply.
  2. PaulC
    Like this one http://www.klassik-kameras.com/Zeiss...4-full-working
    The two windows make it one of the earlier models.
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