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  1. DWThomas
    Hmm - mayhaps I should be in here too. I have had a Voigtländer Perkeo II with Color-Skopar for almost two years now which I am quite pleased with and just this fall, an Ercona II with the Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar appeared here. I haven't done a lot with it yet, but wow -- even my bleary aging eyes can see those negatives!
  2. Stuart
    Thought I should join as I have 25 folders and yes I use them all but not at the same time;-)
    My favourites are the Zeiss Super Ikonta 531/16 with jena and opton lenses the sweet little 531 A with a jena and the IV with a carl zeiss
    and my Zeiss Maxima´s 207/7 and 207/3 with crackin Jena lenses and not to forget the Mamiya 6 a little beauty.
  3. Rick A
    Rick A
    Well, I finally broke down and acquired my first folder, two of them actually. A Kodak Tourist II and a Speedex Jr. Neither one functioned when they arrived, quick disassembly of the Kodak revealed a sewing pin jambing the shutter. Once removed, presto--working camera. Shot a roll of Adox CHS 25 Art and believe this is going to be a hoot. Unfortunatly, the Speedex isn't fairing as well. The bellows is dry-rotted and, even after disassembly and cleaning, shutter wont work. Maybe I just need to soak it a little longer. Anyone know where I can get a replacement bellows? Right now I'm awaiting the arrival of an Isolette Vario I won on that evil place.
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Rick;

    Source for replacement bellows for just about anything ever made; www.custombellows.co.uk

    These guys just went through a corporate change, and they have reorganized. Same people, same equipment, same patterns, drawings, and records. They made most of the original bellows for just about any camera you can name in the Occident. They have also received damaged and worn bellows for other cameras from which they made patterns. That is one of the reasons why I say they can make bellows for just about anything ever made.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  5. Rick A
    Rick A
    My Isolette finally showed up. The mutt that I bought it from lied and sent me a broken camera. He claimed it worked very well for him, I dont know how i could. The film advance knob is missing, and the shaft is rolling around loose inside the camera. Other than that, all else seems in good order, shutter appears to fire at all speeds and after a cleaning, I can see through the lens(noly sh1t it was filthy). Anyone have a donor knob or know where one can be had? I'm not certain, but I think its missing a spring as well, that goes on said shaft to keep it engaged with the film spool.
    I opened a claim against the seller for this one, I got ripped off, and I'm waiting to see if PP wil get my money back for me.
  6. Removed Account2
    Hi fellas! My folder experience really goes a long way back, I collected camras back in the 1970's and at the time old banged up folders with no source for films was what the local thrift shops had. Most long gone now, keeps a few, but they are mostly 620's and I really am too lazy to re-roll 120's.....

    Since many of my old folders was banged up with leaks everwhere, I sort of gave up on them, but I wonder is this a place where its OK to discuss old german tube cameras?
  7. R gould
    R gould
    Hi,I have a growing collection of folders, in 6x6 I have an Ikonta B, welmy six and aross ensign selfix 12/20, plus a ross ensign 16/20 for 645, and retina 1b,zeiss contina folder,and a voightlander vito 2,and I love and use them all,Richard
  8. R gould
    R gould
    I have just added two more folders to my collection, a voightlander vito,from 1947 and a late model vito 2, the one with the accessory shoe,so that I can use a rangefinder easier,both great users, with the wonderfull skoper lens Richard
  9. dbuckle
    I have an Agfa Isolette III in red leather and new bellows. Also got a little 35mm Balda baldinette folder.
  10. hairygit
    hi everyone, nice to see a group devoted to folders! I have only recently got involved with folders after a friend gave me a Kershaw penguin eight-twenty. I know it's only low end spec, but it's great fun, and draws lots of attention whenever I take it out, and the pictures are really okay for what it is. Once the bug had bitten I found myself scouring flea bay looking for more, and now have a Kodak No2 Autographic Brownie (complete with stylus!), a G.B.Kershaw 630, in absolutely pristine condition and a Kodak 620 folding Brownie. All are working great, the autographic needed the lens cleaning (easy job!) but all the others needed no work at all. The most expensive was the Kershaw 630, but that was £2.17 (about $3u.s.) so a very cheap introduction to the great world of folders! On the lookout now for a Moskve 4 or 5 (I know it's a russian copy, but I could never afford the real thing!)
  11. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, HairyGit;

    Welcome to the group. And, do not worry about the Moskva 4 or 5 being a copy. I also have a Zorki 4 and a Zorki 4K because I do not want to "invest" in a real Leica. Besides, the FSU cameras are often more fun to use.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  12. R gould
    R gould
    Got yet another folder coming, should arrive tomorrow, yet another Ensign, my third, this time a commando,which has had a cla, can't wait to get my hands on it,Richard
  13. Removed Account2
    Two more landed here today, and one more coming:

    One b.e.a.t.i.f.u.l. Certo Durata, in full working condition, Zeiss Tessar 3,5/50mm lens (its a 35mm camera)
    The other is a Balda Beltica, post-war, Meyer Trioplan 2,9/50mm both fitted with Cludor shutters.

    One can say I'm kinda particular to East-german cameras..... and yes they both seem excellent user cameras!

    I used to own a Certo Durata II with a Domiplan lens, I now feel right again after discovering I foolishly sold my little user Durata some years back!+
  14. R gould
    R gould
    Just got another 2 folders, this time 35mm, first a Nagal Kodak Retina 11 type 011, from 1949,followed by a Retina 11c (small c) looking forward to trying them both, Also should be getting my 1938 Bessa 66 Baby from a shutter service this week, Richard
  15. hairygit
    Hi again everyone, I've taken the plunge and bought a Moskva 5, looking forward to it arriving and seeing what it can do! Anyone else out there got one, and if you have, any advice/info about any peculiarities wuth them would be gratefully recieved! Also managed to lay my hands on a pdf copy of the user handbook for Moskva 2/4/5, in English, if anyone would like a copy e-mailed, let me know.
  16. hairygit
    Well the Moskva arrived this morning, looks to be in great shape, in the darkroom to check the bellows for light leaks, all seems well on that score! Next was to check out the rangefinder, which I did at set measured disrances from an object, and amazingly it seems to be spot on The lenses seem clean and the coating is scratch free, in fact the camera seems as if it's never been used, soon change that! Just got to load a film and try it out now, but my good lady is telling me we have to go shopping first, so that'll have to wait till I get home again!
  17. Removed Account2
    I have on as well, mine has an issue with the back. I think it can be fixed, but not as pretty as the original. The rest is used, but in good working order and I WILL put it back in action!
  18. hairygit
    Glad to hear that, I agree the back is a pain in the rear to put on, so it may just be a case of getting the knack of it, took me a while to work it out. Good luck!
  19. Removed Account2
    Wasn't thinking of the fit of the back, mine is banged up as far as the twin windows goes, and the closing/changing of same. The little knowbs used to regulate this is missing, but it *can* be fixed, however I'm a bit hamfisted.......
  20. R gould
    R gould
    My first Retina, the 11, from 1949, arrived this morning, together with my bessa 66 from a service, desperate to try them both out but It is raining cats and dogs all day and the next few days don't look any better so I will have to wait,Richard
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