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  1. Removed Account2
    I recently got hold of a new folder, an old british'er Agifold.

    Whene the camera came it had an unknown film inside, I have just finished the film (4 - 5 negatives remaining, and will proceed to develop it. It was an old FP3 BTW.

    The camera has an uncoupled ranbgefinder and an exposure meter, of the old extinometer type.

    The camera appears in good shape, and I should be happy as I'm a USER not a collector only.

    However, one fly in the ointment : the camera uses 620 film.

    So here is my question : anyone that can suggest an alternative:

    Reasonably anastigmat lens (at least f:4,5), rangefinder (coupled or uncoupled) and exposure meter (no need to look for electric meter).

    Anyone that has an alternative that uses 120 film instead of the un-obtainable 620, nothing of that sort have been spotted in this secluded spot of the planet since the mid -70's... not 120 either for that matter, since the old photographer died, but thos can be found easily in Hongkong.
  2. R.Gould
    Some british folders used both 620 and 120 film as both 120 and 620 film were the same size, just different spools, 620 spools having a thinner inner to 120 so it might be worth trying to see if a 120 spool and film will fit, other wise you have to spool 120 film onto a 620 spool it is a pain but it works. I have 2 ensign selfix cameras, a 12/20 and a 16/20 that could take both sizes, Richard
  3. Removed Account2
    Thanx Richard, I got the same advice from another gemntleman, illustrated with pictures, and lo and behold, yer right!!

    I'll be on the lookout for a nice Selfix also. Thank you
  4. Greg Heath
    Greg Heath
    Why dont you just roll your own 620. 120 on a metal 620 roll. its a pain but its better than paying $ 11 per roll.
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