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Agfa Isolette

  1. Removed Account2
    Just got a *new* Agfa Isolette III, Agnar f:4,5 triplet, B 25-200 vario shutter, with a non-coupled rangefinder. Bellows in real good shape (many late model Agfa folders are in good shape) and after a little excercise shutter and focussing and aperture works fine.

    One fly in the ointment though: the little rangefinder wheel on top of the camera seems stuck at 10 meters, any suggestions there?
  2. Michalis_dk

    You will have to remove the top cover of the camera, carefully unscrew the wheel and then clean the threads with a toothpick and some alcohol. Once done, focus on something at a distance engraved on the wheel and then replace the wheel. As far as I can recall, most pieces in the rangefinder can be removed and cleaned. Go slow.
    Detailed instructions: http://www.rolandandcaroline.co.uk/topplate.html

    Good luck!
  3. Removed Account2
    Thank you Sir!

    Just what the good doctor ordered!
    I loved the bellows-making PDF in there also, even if that seems to require dexterity beyond my capabilities!

  4. Removed Account2
    Report : As per instructions I dismantlet the Isolette top and was able to get at the little rangefinder wheel without too much difficulty. I screwed out the rangefinder wheel, and discovered the cause for the distress.

    The grease ahd turned green-gray over the years, and firmly glued the wheel to its base when fully screwed in.

    As and old shooter and old gun collector I'm very familiar with this stuff, we call that verdi-gris, it consists of fats and corroded coppers from the bronze.
    Luckily shooters have an effective remedy : it's called Hoppe's No.9 and can be found in any hunting store all across the globe, or the people there WILL know what you're after and offer a substitute.

    This stoff is formulated to dissolve copper deposits and leave the metal clean, and this was what I used.

    Used a tooth-pick to get out pesky remains and after that screwed the wheel back in to ascertain that everything did function, them took it out and greased it.

    It now runs freely, I just need to go back in and re-calibrate the rangefinder. Seems I now have a fully working camera!
  5. Thierry
    The Isolette III can have serious problems with the rangefinder wheel.
    The old grease has changed in a hard blue-gray gue. It can block the entire rangefinder.
    I repaired mine and, as I have no site of my own, I have sent al my pictures and comments to this site http://www.rolandandcaroline.co.uk/h...service_1.html
    I hope it is of any help to anyone, if not.... let me know

    Regards, Thierry Cattoor
  6. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Thierry;

    Thank you for providing the information. And, I am not sure that we will hear any replies or comments from Erik, "Removed Account2." At this time, he is listed on APUG as "Inactive."

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  7. Thierry
    Hi Ralph,

    I just tought it would be nice to have this link here. :-)
    And once you have everything turning and twisting again, it's time to change the bellows.
    An Isolette is a nice and very portable camera.

    Best regards,
  8. 18%gray
    Hello --

    If you'll forgive the temerity of a newbie questioning you -- are you sure that you have gotten an Isolette III?

    I ask because the " III " model has a coupled rangefinder and a Solinar lens. The " II " model had an uncoupled rangefinder and an Apotar lens. The " I " model had no rangefinder and a 4.5 Agnar (sometimes Apotar) lens. A number of lenses and shutters from that era are interchangeable, and it sounds as if your camera may have had some modifications made somewhere along the way.

    Whichever it is, I think that you will enjoy its use and its performance.

    Oops -- just realized that this is a three-year-old thread. Sorry -- I'll watch more closely in future.
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