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  1. Removed Account2
    Anyone that has info or leads to servicing our little babies?

    Getting shutters up to speed, bellows and getting at parts, for instance instructions on how to get tops off to get at viewfinders for cleaning and such stuff.

    many of us have worked with servicing other stuff, and if you have proper instructions, folders are quite simple devices thet lends themselves to a little selv-service and TLC.
  2. Two23
    You could send it to the Cert66 guy, or someone else that's recommended.

    Kent in SD
  3. Greg Heath
    Greg Heath
    i have done the compur shutters and they are intricate. the Prontor shutters are a little easier because there is no way you can set the shutter timing like on the compurs. the Prontor shutters are easy to clean and refurbish. i will post a link to my shutter cleaning pics. i only do my own shutters. if you tackle it yourself get some really nice tools and screwdrivers(micro tools).
    its not as difficult as you imagine. i take digital pics of each step so that it is reversible. DO Not take apart the aperture unless you like to torture yourself. i just purchased an Agfa Isolette junker on the Bay, and just used it to poke around and learn. it truly amazes me at the level of build quality of these German cameras from the 30's ansd 40's. All before CAD.

  4. Greg Heath
    Greg Heath
    My wife always walks by me and says.."whos been eating all the Q-Tips..they just dissappear all the time and where are my micro tweezers"? I dunno.... Hee hee
  5. Greg Heath
    Greg Heath
    along with the tools i purchased, i purchased an ultasonic cleaner $69 at harbor freight tools. it is THE best for cleaning parts. After I remove the lenses from the Prontor shutters, I fill up the ultrasonic bath with distilled water and dishsoap. And plunk the shutter in for a 4 minute cleaning cycle with heat. i then rinse in in distilled water and then soak the shutter in Naptha. And then let it dry overnight. i then minutely add Nyoil to the spindles of the timing gears. never add oil to the blades. i found all the camera repair manuals at our library. tons of fun.

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