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KOdak Sterling II

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    This is a camera I have had fopr more than 15 years, maybe close to 25 years. Since it uses 620 film, I cannot remember if I ever put any film through it before the d*****l ear hit us and killed off film distribution. Back then it was still *possible* to find 620, but I don't think I ever used the camera.

    These days I found this in a drawer, my wife had put it there after it did service as a display item on a shelf for some time. (it was ousted by an Ansco folder with a distict tri-stripe canvas design instyead of leather).

    I've been looking for 620 for some time, in vain but this summer I was lucky and happened upon just one roll of outdated Kodal Gold 200. The film's mbeen longe gone, but I will shoot it, and develop it along with all my other experiments with Gold 200 (35mm) in Caffenol-C.

    Since I now have 35mm pretty much under control and get excellent B/W results with caffenol, I expect little if any problems here. I will report back as soon as I have results, it will be a relief to put a nearly never-used camery to use!
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