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The Fuji RF

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  1. André E.C.
    Well, just got one Fugica GW 690 as a gift, I'm very excited with this camera, as I want to have one for so looooooooooooong.

    See ya around guys, join and debate everything related with these wonderful devices.

  2. PBrooks
    Congrats Andre'!!! I have the Fuji GW690 also. I had the GSW690II, but I sold it as I could not get over having to turn the aperture ring to close the shutter on T. To me, I think this is one of the biggest mess ups in the history of camera making. To go from a camera that was solid and functional and because you want to come out with a new model "lets fiqure out how to introduce camera shake into the equation" and they repeated the mess up in the III model.
    The I was almost perfect, now if it only had a meter but that would require a battery so I don't know.
  3. André E.C.
    André E.C.
    To avoid that odd T setting, I just went for a GW690 from 1978, has a Copal type leaf-shutter with B setting, on a gorgeous EBC Fujinon 90mm f/3.5.
    I'm really happy to own this camera, took it out for some night photography and I must admit, not my cup of tea, I prefer the Hasselblad for my nocturnal wanderings, nevertheless, a wonderful device for any other kind of photography.


  4. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    that'sa bit of luck...i just got hold of a GSW690II(to keep company with my little GA645pro) and i come across you guys by accident...grin. i've been a bit crook and i haven't had a chance to try it out yet. so i may as well ask you guys a question or 2. is the camera as easy to use as it looks...any hidden quirks i should be forewarned about? is the lens (65mm f5.6) sharp wide open? the camera seems to me to be light enough to use h/h...anyone have any experience using it this way?...does the lens need any support in terms of filters for contrast/dynamic range, etc. finally, how useful is the built in hood....will i need to use a separate one. that's about all i can think of right now...grin

  5. yurihuta
    I just ordered one from KEH. It would be great to hear some feedback or tips on this. I can't wait for it to arrive and put some film through it.
  6. yurihuta
    Well, my GW690 arrived. Glass is pristine, body had wear here and there. Anyhow, I was wondering about the framelines in the viewfinder. How accurate are they?
  7. PBrooks
    Yurihuta, I find that mine are right on. After a year of steady use, I can say that this is truely one of my favorite cameras.
  8. yurihuta
    Great to read this PBrooks. Mine came with a nice, metal -- but round lens hood. It looks like most of the lens hood I have seen on these are rectangular - is this the case with your cameras? Any chance the lens hood has apart number? I suspect my lens hood might cause vignetting, due to it being round. I guess a test roll to try and cause some vignetting is in order.
  9. PBrooks
    You are right, I think all GW and GSW 690's had rectangle lens hoods. I'm not sure where you could get one, maybe ebay. I do know that the GW and GSW 690 II and III have a non-removeable round lens hood. Well, some people find a way to take theirs off but still haven't heard of any vignetting with those.
  10. PBrooks
    Anyone still out there?
  11. Paul Kierstead
    Paul Kierstead
    Yup. Just recently got my GW690, wacky T mode and all. Now I need to sort out that dented filter ring, get a hood, and get a lens cap....
  12. sevo
    Just got a GM670 with the 100mm AE 100 - my second Fuji RF after a GSW690II. Third, if we count the GA645zi.
  13. andronicus707
    Hi...my first post! I own both the GW690 III and the GSW690 III. I bought them a short while back, shot a couple of rolls, and that was about it. Now that things are finally settling down, I want to get back to shooting them. I bought a used Vivitar "potato masher" flash which, besides giving a good strong flash, makes it a pleasure to hand hold the camera/flash combo. I'm happy I found this "Fuji RF" group...look forward to learning and sharing from you all.
  14. Barry06GT
    On my way home from work today, I will pick up the GA645 that KEH sold me.

    By weeks end I hope to have exposed my first roll with what might be my newest fav.

    Don't know if I can compare it to my Bessa R2A, but it will be the big brother!
  15. mjs
    Where does one go for more information about the Fuji rangefinder system? I'd like to know the details about the cameras, differences between models, etc. in preparation for a possible purchase in about a month. It was really surprising to learn about the "T" shutter quirk, for example. Is there an online resource for this sort of thing, like there is for Rollie's, for example? Thanks!

  16. Paul Kierstead
    Paul Kierstead
    I've always love the Dante Stella page; it is wonderful summary and fundamentally tells you everything you need to know. IMO. The Camerapedia entry is pretty good too.
  17. mjs
    Thank you, Paul: excellent resources, just what I was looking for, especially the Dante Stella page.
  18. TareqPhoto
    I ordered GSW690III i think 1-2 months ago, tested it, loved it, will use it for outdoor wider shots.
  19. film4ever
    Hi, this appears to be a good group to join as a new Fuji RF owner. I bought a GSW690III, in almost new condition, from Ebay last year. I love the extra large 6x9cm chromes that I can get from this camera. It is a fantastic film camera that I take out hiking to capture my "landscape keepers". My light meter on these hikes with the family is a Nikon DSLR, which is much more practical for our two little ones scrambling around outdoors.

    I would like this group's feedback on how practical is the GW690's Fujinon 90mm lens for family & general photography - such as does this camera require a tripod with ISO 100 or 400 film?

    I have found that my GSW690III must be used with a tripod to get all of the sharpness & details that the 65mm lens is rendering at f/8 - f/11 on ISO 100 slide film. I can only get this level of details hand held on bright days with ISO 400 (Kodak Portra 400). My current situation: I am already using my 35mm film or DSLR for family & general situations. I also have a Mamiya 645e film camera that I use in place of my GSW690 when I want preserve film or create photos requiring filters & polarization.

    Thank you in advance.
  20. argyrotype
    I used a GSW690III in Italy in 1997, to my lasting regret it was sold to finance a Mamiya 7----a poor choice, the Fuji had a superior lens. The Mamiya is long gone, the lenses (80 and 150mm) were extrememly sharp, but harsh. I just found a GW680III on Craigslist,

    and am happy to be back with the Fuji RF!!! 9 negs on 120 fits nicely as 3 strips of 3 in my neg-saver notebook. The 90mm is not as great a performer as the 65 of the GSW, but is a nice focal length for portraits as well as a walkabout camera.
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