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New adventures with the Graflex line of cameras?

  1. Bertil
    Little bit sad to see that so many threads for such a long time ends with "Bertil"
    Would be nice to see some more pictures in the group Album (though why is it so hard to get sharpness in the album uploads?)
  2. brian d
    brian d
    I agree, not much activity lately. I have not been able to get out and shoot much this year so I put up some digi-snaps of some of my Graflex and other press camera's
  3. Bertil
    Thank you Brian for your most interesting pictures of your Graflex et al cameras that you have put up, But they have an enormous size! Hard to look at them, since they cover almost twice the screen!!
    Would be very nice to have closer look at these cameras, so could you resize them to some more normal size (thought that the site automatically fixed that, but obviously not so anymore)
  4. rcap
    Hopefully, I will find some free time to exercise my Speed and Crown Graphics.
  5. brian d
    brian d
    Bertil/group, I got the pictures shrunk down some-maybe now it will be a little easier to view them
  6. Bertil
    Very good Brian!
    Yes, with this upload size much easier to view your most impressive set of Graflex/BushPressman/Tower Press cameras – really impressive and interesting, not least the very matching flash equipments!
    I had some sharpness problems with the uploads, following the site instructions, but your pictures are very sharp. Nice!
  7. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Bertil;

    Do not be too concerned with being "a driving force" in writing a message and posting it on a forum to help keep it active. I do that kind of a thing also, and you are aware of what can happen when a couple of guys get together on an inactive forum and start writing about the topic of that forum.

    The Graflex Speed Graphic has always been an interesting camera to me. I admit that it is still just a camera of interest to me; I have not yet bought one. While it has been known for years as the press photographer's camera, I associate it more with Joe Rosenthal and the top of Mount Suribachi on the south end of Iwo Jima in February of 1945 when he swung his camera back up off the ground just in time to catch the defining image of The Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II as they raised the second larger US Flag. The United States Marine Corps seems to have benefited from it. One odd thing is that Joe Rosenthal has lamented the point that he has been associated with only that one singular time stopping photograph, and does not seem to be noticed at all for any of the other work he has done as a photographer over the years. By the way, USMC Lt. Greeley Wells, who carried onto the beach folded up inside his jacket the first smaller US Flag that initially went up on the top of Mount Suribachi, is about 90 years old now and lives just a couple of miles from me.

    Anyway, the work with the medium format gear is just about complete now, so the 4 by 5 (or 5 by 4) gear is rising on the priority list.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  8. brian d
    brian d
    The postman just left a ugly but functional 3x4 RB Auto Graflex at my door today. Ahh the adventure can continue
    While its nothing current, my photo Keck Gonnerman Traction Engine that is posted in this group is "Miss September" in the 2012 E&E Steam Engine calender. I know not exactly adventure but it sure was rewarding having one of my photo's chosen to go in a calendar.
  9. Bertil
    Thanks Ralph for your encouragements (!) AND nice information about Joe Rosenthal's classic image. Interesting.
    Brian, you will certainly make the ugly 3x4 RB Auto Graflex look like new - judging from your recent uploads of your most impressive Graflex collection!
    BTW Raplh, in view of Brian's and Ray's camera show (see their recent uploads) you have "the standard" for your future collection!
    Very happy Brian on your behalf that you have been able to make sense of "Miss September"!!!!
  10. brian d
    brian d
    The newest adventure is a Burke & James 4x5 press camera. At first glance it looked pretty good compared to some of the other camera's when I first got them. A little loose covering to fix and some cleaning and it will look good. At a glance the bellows looked good too. Then I checked for pinholes Worst case of pinholes I have seen on any camera anywhere!

    Oh well I'll get it fixed up sooner or later and it came with a bunch of 9x12 film holders I needed for a different camera, 3x4 bag mag and a 18 cm Voigtlander lens that is real nice
  11. snapguy
    I have most of a Crown Graphic in pretty good condition, but no lens or lensboard. I am looking around. I also have a 2 1/4 by 3 1/4 Graphic with a Wollensak lens but I bought the back separate and haven't figured out how to put it all together yet. But I am working on it. I have both sizes of film holders.
    I remember the days when many newspaper photo staffs voted to go for the Rolleiflex and retire the Speed Graphic. Some photogs were no sure that was such a great idea.
    Those Speed Graphic news photogs were really good. You had to be. Not that I am knocking modern day photogs. There are plenty of great photogs out there nowadays.
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