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Accessories for the Speed Graphic/Crown Graphic

  1. Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    What accessories do you feel are necessary, desirable, or useful, with the Speed Graphic and Crown Graphic cameras?

    Some things that I have or I am considering are:

    (1.) A 120 Roll Film Back (mine is the RH-8 Knob Type)
    (2.) A "Polaroid" Instant Film Type Back, probably 3 & 1/4 by 4 & 1/4 size, but 4 by 5 would be nice
    (3.) A 90mm Wide Angle Lens with a Recessed Lens Board for landscape photography
    (4.) Lens Shades and Filters
    (5.) A good Tripod with Leveling Head and Cable Release

    Any other thoughts and ideas for Accessories, and why you would want to use them?


    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  2. Bertil
    Hi Ralph,
    1. I have a 120 roll film back (for 6x7), type Calumet that you can put in like an ordinary film holder; easy to use but I never use it! I think I have the feeeling: if I take out this somewhat big camera why shoot for a smaller format than the nice 4x5"?
    2. I would rather suggest one (or more) Grafmatic holder (4x5"), take 6 sheet 4x5" and very handy to use (I have 6 of them (!) due to a very special aBuy, though never use more than two.)
    3. Don't know if Fuji still makes the proper kind of material for the Polaroid holders, Polaroid doesn't and the "Impossible project" is not very successful as far as I can understand. In any case the materail was always very expensive. I have two 4x5 holders of the older #500 type and two "Polaroid 545 Land Film Holder" of the type that orked nice just before Polarioid died. Some say the older #500 doesn't work with any now available material, some say it's possible with some tricks. You can get all mine for free, save one 545, if you pay for the shipping! But I don't think it's a good idea for you, these 545 holders I think you can get cheeper close to home! They arn't worth very much these days, as far as I can judge - at least not for ordinay use. But perhaps "the Impossible Project" comes up with something interesting one day, so it could be nice to have at least one at hand!
    3. I have a 90 mm for my Crown on an ordinary lens board (haven't really tried it on the Speed, will not focus on infinity? Cant check it now.), and I can also use my Nikon 65mm, ordinary board, with the Crown; but a recessed board my be a good idéa for flexibility – have used the 65 mm for some special purpose, but must admit I very seldom use my 90 mm lens,can't even remember but for testing it – but this probably just due to my habits. Instead I have tele-photo lens (a Rodenstock Rotelar 5,6/270) that I use more for landscape (can also use it on my Sinar 4x5", but not much movements!)
    4. Lens Shades and Filter is nice to have at hand. Got a very nice Wollensak "Sunshade and Filter Adapter" from the US guy who sold me my Speed (eBuy alias "Phenidon"). It fits the Optar 4,7/135 . You can fit filter "size six" into the shade, fit the shade to the lens and a kind of arm fits the aperture such that you can adjust the aperturture very easu from the above (unfortunately you have to take it away when closeing the camera).
    5. Yes a good Tripod, why not a Gradlex Crown I or II, I have number II, very beautiful and nice construction early 1900! (you can find the on eBay!). With a good head and a fast release type of thing (hate screwing very time!) things are going nice!

    6. Since I happen to know that you, Ralph, are a huge collector of photo equipment (!), I would suggest a nice Graphlex Flash, the one for bulb #5B. I got one, and a huge amount of #5B bulbs (from US!), thought it really belonged to the Crown/Speed type (look at Brian's pictures in the uploads!). AND this Graflex Flash really gives a very nice somewhat soft flash light that really has photographic qualites, use it now and then, not just for fun.

    Best regards
  3. desertratt
    Accessories? Right now I'd settle for finding out where I can buy the screws I need to attach a spaingback to my Crown Graphic. I bought the Crown without a back and then bought a back but don't have a clue where to purchase just the right screws. I THINK I needs two self-tapping 3/16 No. 2 Binding Head screws and two 1/2 inch No. 2 Binding Head. Any ideas folks?
  4. mopar_guy
    The parts list that I have for a Crown Graphic lists "Screw - Self Tapping, No. 2 x 3/16, Pan head". That's for all four on a Crown Graphic.
    Hope this helps.
  5. desertratt
    Thanks for the input. I got my info from the "Graflex Pacemaker Speed & Crown Graphic 23, 34, 45 Service and Parts manual" but who know if I am reading it right. Anybody who used a Graflex in the "good old days" sometimes has his senior moments.
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