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Graphic back

  1. snapguy
    I have a 4x5 Crown Graphic and need five screws to hold the back in place. They are 3/8" self tapping #2 binding (pan) head and 1/2 inch of the same type. Does anyone now where I can get some of these? I found one source that will sell me 1000 of them for over $100 another who will sell me five for $30, handmade. Thanks.
  2. mopar_guy
    You could try your local hardware store. The screws look a lot like wood screws.

  3. snapguy
    Thanks. I have tried four hardware stores including two big boxes. I also tried Radio Shack and a large hobby store. I found a guy who will make me five machine screws for $30 and a firm that will sell me a minimum of 100 of each size for over $100 box. So I am still looking.
  4. Bertil
    Have you tried Ebay? I at least found some small things for my Graphic to make some repair by searching on Ebay!
  5. snapguy
    Thanks. I did look and will keep looking. Ya never know what pops up from time to time.
  6. snapguy
    Well, I finally determined that the screws I purchased at Radio Shack are the right size and length as per the Graflex service and parts manuals. They are the right size (#2) but are too long. Strange because the manual calls for two /2" and three 3/8" screws. There is another one I did not notice, half hidden under the focus screen subassembly. So my next step is to cut the screws down so they will fit. Onward and upward.
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