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Welcome to Graflex Land.

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  1. pdjr1991
    Im 18 and im shooting a crown. I love it! Hopefully more of us young bucks will carry on the tradition of these press and other 4x5 cameras.
  2. Bertil
    You are most welcome to "the Graflex Land" ! Please upload some of your pictures, it was a long time since some new pictures showed up in this group.
  3. jphotos
    I'm a very new Speed Graphic user. I'm reading and re-reading the manual on it but I'm bound to have questions. This group seems like the ideal place to ask those. I'm very impressed with images taken with these cameras. I've spent most of my time with 35mm and TLRs so this is a bit of a leap.

    My primary concern is learning how to focus the thing, although I think I finally got that down. Glad to see this group.
  4. Tempt f8
    Tempt f8
    Really glad that I came upon this Graflex group on APUG! After 10 years of pro digital shooting, returning to film and spending money on my beautiful '45 Mini Speed Graphic 6x9 kit was a little daunting... but I'm doing this to jump start my own creative processes. Back to basics... no 'auto' anything! Thanks to all of you for easing that transition and, most of all, for helping to preserve the history of these brilliant cameras. I'm going to try to upload an image from the very 1st 120 test roll (XP2) that I recently snapped just to check the MSG for light leaks and approx. focus. Just tromped out in the snow and guessed at an exposure (100 @ f16), aimed it handheld without ground-glass focusing & 'click'... so, not bad for a start, I suppose. You just have to take that first step and keep challenging yourself. Rock on!
  5. jimgalli
    2 Speed Graphic family here. I've a 5X7 Top Handle that gets used a lot, and a Post war 4X5 Speedy. I've had a couple of the chimney models but my eyes don't get along well this those, so have to stick with the Speeds.

    1912 Baker Electric done with the Top Handle and a Plasticca lens

    I'll behave next time and post the pics where I'm sposed to.
  6. Bill Cain
    Bill Cain
    Hi folks,
    I just discovered this site,A real gem. I am a retired engineer from Eastman kodak (back when it was a "real" company). Shot with my first crown graphic back in 1949 and still have it. I am still avtive with B&W in the darkroom but have to admit that all of my color work is now digital. Enjoy reading about people who understand what it was like when you had to be sure you had it right in the camera, and could not check it before you left. hope to chat with you all soon.
    Bill Cain
  7. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Bill Cain;

    Ron Mowrey is also here; he uses the pen name of PE or Photo Engineer here on APUG. Nice to see someone else from EKCo. here also.

    And, for Bertil, it seemed like a good idea to join this group also. (How many groups is that now?) I have been extolling the virtues of the Speed Graphic for a number of years, and I am actually starting to look for one I would like to buy. Back in the laboratory, the man I worked under used a Crown Graphic for making a quick negative of the artwork he did for Printed Circuit Boards that we made. Ray always liked the lighter weight of the Crown Graphic. I did get to play with it at odd intervals. And, like Bertil, I also play with SINAR view cameras, which is where he and I first encountered each other.


    Latte Land, Washington
  8. PaulC
    Greetings. I've just started with a Crown Graphic this summer as part of my journey of exploration of different photographic media. So far, I've only put two rolls through the 6x9 back but yesterday I loaded six film holders with Fomapan 100. Now I just need to choose some subjects.

  9. Bertil
    Welcome all newcomers to the group! Nice to hear how you all enjoy using your Graphics, and also to see some activity in the group (!). Unfortunately I haven't myself been very active at APUG for some time, but hope things will change. Interesting to hear from you, Ralph and Bill, that have experiences from times when these cameras were used on a regular basis, myself being a newcomer to the Graflex family. Being located in Sweden I don't meet a single person with any acquaintance with the Graflex line of cameras. But having used Hasselblad cameras for a long time I read some time ago a biography about Victor Hasselblad and understood that he in his youth played with Graflex cameras; but thought they were too heavy and not very good for bird photography (his great interest), which, according to the biographer, was something of a background for his developing of the Hasselblad camera (which after all is quite close to a Graflex serie B, D !). So after all, perhaps there is some connection with Sweden and the Graflex line of cameras (not to forget, Bill, Hasselblad and George Eastman Co who made the lenses to the first models, 1600F and 1000F).
  10. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, all;

    It is official! I am a full fledged member of the Graphics et al Group. Today the USPS people delivered a Folmer Graphlex Corporation Speed Graphic with the Kodak Ektar 4.7/127mm lens, a side mount Kalart rangefinder, and a couple of Fidelity Deluxe 4 by 5 sheet film holders. While it is in fairly nice condition for a 66 year old camera, it does need some TLC and a CLA for at least the focal plane shutter, and the Wollensak Graphex shutter will get in there also.

    Let's see now; is it the black side of the end of the dark slide out means unexposed and ready, and the white side of the end of the dark slide out means that the film has been exposed and needs to be developed?

    Now I have my very own copy of a Joe Rosenthal camera.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  11. mopar_guy
    I got my first Graphic a few years ago and I fell in love with it. Well, I think that I have enough of these nifty cameras to join the group. My most used Graflex is a 2x3 Crown Graphic with the 101mm Kodak Ektar lens and the next most used is a 2x3 Crown Graphic with the 105mm Kodak Ektar. I also have a couple of 2x3 Pacemaker Speed Graphics, a 3x4 Pacemaker Speed Graphic and a beautiful 3x4 Anniversary Speed Graphic. Oh, and there is also a 3x4 Graflex Super D. I have used all of these and I have added quite a few accessories--roll film backs, sheet film holders, Graflites, Graflex Flash Synchronizers, side lighting units, a few lenses, etc. Recently I got an Ilex Paragon 6 1/2 inch in Acme Synchro shutter that I want to use with the Anniversary, so I need to find another "A" lens board.

  12. yarrumk
    Hi, I've been shooting a Speedgraphic 4x5 pacemaker ever since......next week when the lens arrives (package tracking is too addictive)
    I have a few medium formats and a few 35mm, but this is my first foray into large format.
    I have the camera and am getting familiar with it, just waiting for that lens. (135mm F4.7 in a wollensak shutter)
    I'm sure I'll be back with questions.

  13. Bertil
    Welcome to the group, and Good Luck with your Speed -- also something addictive!
  14. nworth
    I have a Super Speed Graphic and a later model regular 4X5 Speed Graphic. I like them a lot, but they haven't had much use lately. I use the regular Speed a fair amount for various experiments. The Super Speed is a field camera for me. Unfortunately, the Speeds are heavy - heavier than a regular 4X5 view camera - and they are hard to lug anywhere very far from the car, at least for a 75 tear old. The major advantages are ruggedness and ease of operation, along with a grip system that will actually let you hand hold a 4X5 with greater steadiness than you can hold a 35mm. I also have a 2X3 Speed Graphic and a 2X3 Century Graphic. The Century Graphic gets quite a bit of use, but the viewfinder of the 2X3 Speed is broken, and that limits its use.
  15. Bertil
    nworth, welcome to the group!

    Yes, these 4x5 Graphics isn't very light weight.
    My Super Speed goes for 2750g, my Crown a little bit lighter: 2450g and my regular Speed 2950g.
    But with a well design backpack it could be endurable to carry these things!
    I also use my Super Speed as a field camera,
    and my regular Speed with some intersting barrel lenses, particularly the Kodak AERO-Ektar 2,5/178mm for the very amazing short DOF.
    Best Regards and a Happy New Graphic Year!
  16. BentleyR
    Just joined the group. I use a 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 Series B Graflex - not a Graphic but the right manufacturer. It's my point and shoot, easy to hand hold. Also use a Linhof Technica III 4 X 5 and an Eastman 2D 8 X 10. Glad to see there are others enjoying the Graflex life.

    Allan (aka BentleyR)
  17. mopar_guy
    Allan, I have a Super D Graflex in the same format. I really like the camera.
  18. desertratt
    I call him Frank after Dr. F's monster. I am building him from spare parts, of course. I bought a Crown Graphic without lens or lensboard and without a back. It is in amazing condition. It looks like its five years old or so. I bought a springback and am now looking around for the right screws to attach same. I have a service and parts manual so we shall see what my local Ace hardware has. The springback looks new. Then I look for a lens.
    I came into news photography about the time the Speed Graqphic was going ouit but used one from time to time. I have the greatest respect for the (mostly) guys who operated these monsters and knew just when to press the button to get a fabulous photo knowing they probably had one shot at it. I am not sure what I am going to do with old Frank when I get him knocked together but it should be fun. Maybe some 40s-50s cheescake?
  19. Ricus.stormfire
    Hello everyone

    I recently bought a Pacemaker Speed Graphic, I've already gotten a brass barrel lens to use on along with the 127mm f4.7 Kodak that came along with it. Sadly the adjustable knob on the back of the top viewfinder got destroyed in transit. I will replace it some time in the future. I also received a couple of film holders from another local (South African) Apugger. Since this my first LF camera, I feel overwhelmed at times, but I appreciate the slower working around it (and individual sheets). Looking forward to posting some photos soon.
  20. Kawaiithulhu
    Just found this group, dropping in to say hi.

    Three Graflex family here: '62 Century Graphic with a xenotar 80mm, a '53 Crown Graphic 4x5 with optar 135mm and 10" tele-optar, both of those boxes are in good shooting shape, and a '44 Graphic 45 that I'm nursing back to health since it currently acts like a sick turtle.

    I'll just leave a test shot behind of the 2x3 century as shot with the 4x5 and 10" tele to brighten up the the space a little bit.
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