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Welcome to Graflex Land.

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  1. df cardwell
    Graflex shooting since 1968,
    and proud of it !
  2. brian d
    brian d
    only since '06 but proud of it none the less
  3. Rob Archer
    Rob Archer
    Hi. I've a Century Graphic with a Rodenstock Ysarex 105mm lens and a Grafmatic 23 rollfilm back. It's small enough to be portable, but give terrific, sharp negs. It took me a while to get the film loaded correctly without losing frames at the start or end of the roll, but now I've got that sorted it's great to use. The Kalart rangefinder is pretty accurate, too. The main limitation is that I havent got the focussing back for it, nor have I found one this side of the Atlantic that I can afford.

    That's it in my avatar!

  4. Bertil
    Hi. I’ve some 4x5” Graflex Graphics, Speed, Crown and a Super Graphics. I’ve worked a little bit with the Sinar system. BUT shooting free hand with rangefinder Graphics is something quite different! They have limitations but some could be overcome if one just know how to do it. I suppose there are lots of ideas how by users. Would be nice to learn about experiences people have with these cameras. Seems to be no end to the supply on the US eBay, you really get a lot interesting things for your money!
    It was suggested it would be better if the group included all Press Cameras. I added to the description that other brands are welcome to join in. Wanted to change the name to “Graphics et al” but I’ve not succeeded. If you know how to do it, let me know. (Have a lot to learn about how the APUG site works!)
    I welcome you all to this group and hope for the best.
    Best Regards
  5. df cardwell
    df cardwell
    Stick to Graflex (and ALL the cameras from Folmer & Schwing, including their Kodak years).
    The blend of Practicality, History, and Romance of Graflex is unique and should be celebrated at every opportunity.
    Surpassing even LEICA, no cameras have made more great pictures than the Graflex family.
    Their simple design and construction have made them useful for us even today.
    Here is Dorothea Lange, with her Graflex.

  6. VaryaV
    Greetings Graflex Lovers - 4x5 Crown here. I just started. "Hip-est" cameras ever made! I am a big fan of film noir and after watching tons of those movies and flash bulbs going off - I had to have one! They apparently have a huge cult following. I bought mine 1 1/2 yrs ago and I see the price has doubled and some triples on ebay. Though, I bought mine from ritzcam. I am using it as my jumping off from MF to LF. It is taking me a long time to master the style as I am a quick-and-dirty type of shooter and the patience I need has been challenging - ha ha ! After three times out and many mishaps (loading/focusing) etc - I finally have managed to get an image to appear - not a good image and barely detectable, but it's a start - so far, way under exposed. Trying to get the focusing right on the glass and the settings but I am almost there.......... I look forward to getting some tips from you all. Now, all I need is to don a trench coat and grab a good cigar...... Cheers!....
  7. VaryaV
    That is a fabulous pic, DF, thanks for sharing.
  8. Bertil
    df! What a lovely picture you got! The Car, the Camera and the Lady!! In view if your picture, I'm very proud of owning a Graflex SLR! I've come across some other pictures of Dorothea with a Graflex SLR, and some kinds of Graphics, but never a picture that very nice as yours! There is a special feeling, pushing the button on a camera (of the same type, at least!) that someone else used, and once made an impression with! If I don't succeed with my pictures, the camera is not the problem! I agree: Graflex is history, but still alive! (as all APUGs!?)
  9. Barry S
    Barry S
    I recently got an Anniversary Speed Graphic with Hugo Meyer rangefinder and I need to adjust the infinity stops and the rangefinder to match the lens. The previous owner had the ground glass installed backwards, so the adjustments are screwed up. It has SC (signal corps?) stamped on the base, so I'm pinning this snafu on the Army! The shutter curtain is in good shape, but the FP shutter mechanism probably needs a little lubrication. The camera is in great shape with no tears in the leather, so with a little TLC, I should have it in tiptop shape for the spring. I also want to test the shutter speeds, so I have some idea of accuracy. I'm guessing the higher tension settings are more accurate, but I have some testing to do. I'm looking forward to using some of my barrel lenses with this pup.
  10. Bertil
    Hi, I know how to adjust the Kalart rangefinder, but have no idea how the Hugo Meyer works. Perhaps someone knows? Or you have to find instruction manuals (eBay or http://www.graflex.org/). Probably less complicated than it may appear. At least, that was my experience when I learned how to adjust the Kalart rangefinder.
  11. brian d
    brian d
    Hi, are the lens / rangefinder original to the camera? you might not need anything more than readjusting the infinity stops.
  12. Barry S
    Barry S
    Bertil-- I managed to dig up the instructions somewhere on graflex.org and they don't seem too complicated.

    Brian-- The rangefinder is original, but the lens look like a later addition because the serial number prefix is RI (1958 as per CAMEROSITY?). It's a 127mm Ektar, and from what I've read, that was a common focal length for Anniversary Speed Graphics, so hopefully I can adjust the rangefinder to match. My understanding is that the Hugo Meyer rangefinders are very good, but have a limited range of adjustment. I can tell it needs some adjustment. If I can get a bit of decent weather to coincide with my free time, I'll take it out for some adjustments.
  13. VaryaV
    Hey Everybody - I bought myself a Graflarger Back for myself and my Crown for xmas since I can't afford a LF enlarger. Have any of you ever used one and what is your experience? Any tips before I get started? Thanks.
  14. df cardwell
    df cardwell
    df! What a lovely picture you got!

    Well, you KNOW I did NOT make the picture of Dorothea ! (I just found it ).

    Here's a great picture from 1931 by Oscar Graubner,
    Margaret Bourke-White's assistant,
    of Margaret shooting from an eagle atop the Chrysler Building:

    while M B-W was making THIS GRAFLEX shot of the top of the Chrysler Building !

  15. df cardwell
    df cardwell

    Try searching: http://graflex.org/

    LOTS of info.

    If you get stumped, PM me and I can pass it along to a friend who is the ULTIMATE
    Graflex expert.
  16. keltic_cherokee
    check out the Graflex.org site...look under the DIY list and you will find proceedures for adjusting the Kalart maybe the general proceedure could be adapted to your H M
  17. Bertil
    df, earlier you wrote “The blend of Practicality, History, and Romance of Graflex is unique and should be celebrated at every opportunity.”; a quite important point, I think. Bought my first Graphic for reasons very close to VaryaV’s “…film noir and after watching tons of those movies and flash bulbs going off…”. Graflex role in the history of American photography, even its role in American industrial history, is impressive. Being a Swede and brought up on Hasselblad, its role in Swedish history of photography and industrial history has some interesting similarities. Also: Victor Hasselblad (the man behind the camera) used for some time a Graflex 6x9 cm with a Zeiss Tessar F 3,5/13,5 cm . He thought it very reliable, but too heavy. Unfortunately his own construction is quite heavy too!! Nice reading about Graflex: various editions of Graphic Graflex Photography by Willard D. Morgan and Henry M. Lester.
  18. Barry S
    Barry S
    I just tested the shutter on my Anniversary Speed. I took off the lensboard and used my dSLR to shoot through the Speed. First with the Speed shutter open at a range of dSLR shutter speeds, and then with the dSLR shutter open using the Speed focal plane shutter. Then I read the average pixel values in Photoshop, so I could match the Speed shutter against the dSLR shutter speeds. I still haven't plotted the second curve I did for slow shutter speeds, but the results are here if anyone is interested. It looks like the tensioning spring doesn't have that big of an effect despite the fact that I can feel the tension as I wind it.
  19. mhcfires
    I have an old 3 /14 x 4 1/4 Auto Graflex, just picked up a 3x4 RB Series D Graflex. I had to do a major overhaul of the shutter on the RB, it is now working and I hope to have some images in the next week. I have a bag mag and a 6x6 graflex roll film back. I am very happy with these two acquisitions and hope to get a 4x5 Speed as soon as my budget allows.
  20. Bertil
    Mhcfires, hope everything is going well with your 3x4 RB Series D Graflex! Interesting to hear that users of “The Graflex line” of cameras are not limited to the Graphics. Perhaps there are more people who use these big SLR cameras? Would be nice to hear more about your and their experiences. I have myself a 4x5 Auto (no R.B.) Graflex with a Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 3,5/16,5cm. Have made just a couple of exposures (6!) with it. Interesting lens, but the aperture is very stiff so I have only used it more or less fully opened. Unfortunately looked at this camera more as a nice piece for the shelf. Perhaps a mistake? (Have no URL to my pictures - yet - so I managed to put some to the group via an APUG Album I made.) Hope you can show us some of your pictures. Of course this holds for others too.
    Best wishes
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