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Filter size?

  1. kameranerd.com
    Can anybody please help me with finding the right size for filters and sunshade for my Pacemaker crown graphic with Optar 135mm 1:4,7.
    I have tried many types but can't find the right size. I have also bought most sizes for the cokin system, but can't find the right adapter.

  2. Bertil
    Hello Kent,
    try this site http://www.oresteen.com/optar_lens.htm
    I don't know how reliable the site is, but it looks OK. Wollensak also made for your lens a 'Sunshade and Filter Adapter (cat. no. S135A)'; special filter (diameter 41,2mm) fit into the sunshade. The sunshade has a short arm that fits the aperture arm such that it is very easy to read off and adjust the aperture by turning the sunshade. I just have one filter (Y-2 (K2) Med Yellow) to this sunshade, and don't know if it is hard to get other filters, but wouldn't mind some others. The sunshade is quite nice, but unfortunately you will have to take it away in order to close the Pacemaker.
  3. jmendez
    I have the Ektar 127mm lens. I searched for a while to find a filter set. Finally found one on the bid site. Made by Kodak, Series 6. On the ring that push on ring that holds the filters it says "1 1/2" and 38mm. It is a perfect fit. There is alot of confusing information on these old filters and holders. For what it's worth, i also got the yellow, green and red filters for about $10.00. Hope this is of some use to you if you are still looking for the filters and holder.

  4. kameranerd.com
    Hello Bertil and Jorge

    I'm still searching, thanks for your help. I do have some filters by Kodak, maybe all i need i this Serie 6 ring.

  5. Tempt f8
    Tempt f8
    I had to use a couple of adapters to fit my Cokin 'A' series filter holder to the 101mm f4.5 Ektar lens of my Mini Speed Graphic. Since this lens doesn't have a threaded barrel, I first had to find a push-on Kodak 1 1/4" to Series VI adapter (which is about 44mm). I was able to get both the push-on with a filter retaining ring, which allowed me to glue in a 43mm to 49mm adapter just to the retaining ring. This was the closest to 44mm I could find, so it was a bit too loose & required the glue to bond it properly. I already had a 49mm Cokin adapter that snapped right into the Cokin 'A' filter holder. The A series Cokins are much smaller & a bit more difficult to find these days, but for my smaller 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 camera, the 'A' size was the best fit and I now have both Polarizer and Red (A003) filters to work with for my intended B&W shooting. This combo can be seen on camera at my profile page. Word of warning though, be gentle with the old Kodak push-on adapters since they are getting hard to find and be sure to measure CAREFULLY before buying one without trying it on your lens! A bit of head-scratching and research (& a few $$), but this set-up turned out very sturdy and smooth... and of course, I now have an unlimited resource of Cokin filter possibilities. Good luck!
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