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Who will be the first to post a picture?

  1. Murray Kelly
    No-none has posted a picture here yet. I have some 24x24 Agfas, but unless I cut them down, they aren't really in the race. Eric (RIP) told us so. And he has gone AWOL.
    My newly acquired Chaika 2M may change all that for me! :-) I hope.
    Is this group viable? From the comments from him it would seem that half frame isn't subminiature, so where do we go? He has left that submin group too. How much credence can you give to his ideas?
    Should we go back to subminiature and swamp them with good half frame stuff?
    Are we being directed by someone who isn't even interested by the group anymore?
    Personally I like the idea that half frame is not submin,
    Comments VERY welcome.
  2. Iantoz
    Murray, well it looks like I'm the first to post a picture, but I must confess that they were not taken with my half frame camera.

    That's my camera in the photo's.

  3. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Thanks, Dai. It appears that your Chaika is a different model. Mine has the wind lever underneath and the counter dial is offset from it, towards the middle of the camera - nearer the rewind knob in fact. From looking at your camera the rewind mechanism is similar to mine, I'd say.
    When I unload this test film I'll take the bottom plate off to look inside mine.
    There are signs everywhere that someone has had the thing apart and forgot a bunch of springs and wavy washers afterwards.
    It's not vital to know exactly how many frames are left but it is a great convenience and I'd like to fix it if at all possible.
  4. nhemann
    Hi all - new to this elite group. My half frame stuff is shot with a Diana Mini, its at home and waiting to be scanned so stand by...
  5. salan
    Hi All,
    I have just bought a film scanner (still in the box!), As soon as I have made a mask for half frame, I will post some half frame. I have a pen EE and only stopped using it because I couldn't get the film processed, but as I am goign to proccess my own soon, that wont be a problem!
  6. StephenSteinke
    Hello everyone,
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