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Fujica Half or Drive meter adjustment

  1. Iantoz
    Hi all, I have my Fujica Drive in pieces at the moment. The shutter was not opening but after a wash with lighter fuel it is now operating smoothly again. and I am pleased with it now.

    The light meter reacts to light but I cannot figure out why the read out in the view finder doesn't seem to work.

    I now have the camera back together but I'm still puzzled by the light meter read out. I guess when all else fails read the book.

    I just need to load a film in to the camera now and go and take some photo's.

  2. Iantoz
    I have the film developed and the exposures look good, maybe not perfect but good. When my desktop is repaired and I have my scanner working again I'll post some photos.

    So I now need to go and do some real photo shoots.

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