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Korelle K Camera half -frame manual?

  1. chastings1904

    I am new to this group and I have a question. Does anyone on this forum know how to open a Korelle K camera. It was made in Dresdan Germany in 1932-1933.
    I have found this camera on auctions sites -it is the brown /red Bakalie half frame camera. I have searched the web and even ordered an old review of this camera from Great Britain. Yet, no instructions on how to open it. Usually this is not a problem for me. Went to Butcus (sp) and also have searched the web. Many photographs but no manuals. There is film in this camera that i would like to develop but just do not know how to open it.

    The serial number is 2568305. The lens appears to be uncoated and is marked as Schneider- Krouznach No. 5234531 Xenar F 3.5

    I would be very grateful for information dealing with the opening of the camera.

    Thank you,

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