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Half Frame Output

  1. thuggins
    How are most folks turning their half frame shots into a viewable output? Scanning and printing negatives is probably most typical.

    But for me, there is nothing like a transparency. And from the Pen F's the image quality is simply sublime. Viewing them thru a loupe with a light table is the easiest way, but not the best way to appreciate the detail of individual shots. The old slide strip viewers like we had back in grade school turn out to be a perfect solution. They are made for the 18x24 format and can be gotten as projectors or direct (backlit) viewers. They are readily available on the evil auction site and really take viewing half frames to a new level.
  2. Adam W
    Adam W
    Any recommendations?
  3. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    I well remember the kodachrome transparencies and they were not always mounted by the processor. However the mounts were a poor substitute for the real thing and the glue would let go sooner or later and the film fall out. Kodak must've used a heat seal or somesuch.

    I must say I never considered a roll film projector but it would be great just so long as you recorded everything in just the right order and didn't have any failures. I was never that clever.

    For a couple of years I used CN41 film and that satisfied the family snapper in me but am in the middle of a protracted stay in France and have 2x B&W to develop when I get home. I will scan them. If any are spectacular I would wet print but don't expect to get stained fingers any time soon. Scanning is so easy (Lazy).

    Probably the greatest challenge is the capability of the film to record on a small format. Compared to minox it's gigantic. Kodachrome had no grain and was perfect for the role. Anyone tried Ektachrome lately? But basically we're limited to slow film. MInd you ISO 100 was pretty fast in those distant past days!

    Any way - welcome to the group! Haven't seen any postings by anyone in a month or two. We need a nudge now and then.

  4. pen s
    pen s
    Boy is this a late post.
    You can still get half frame, snap close, plastic slide mounts from Gepe. They have a website and show them at 11.45 Euro's for box of 100.
  5. StephenSteinke
    Scanning is so easy
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