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I have one!

  1. Removed Account2
    Olympus Pen FT, with 3 lenses, normal, tele, zoom.
    I use it also, the meter works!

    The Pen was the first SLR I was eyeballing and covetted back in 1969, I was at school back then and with no financial means, so it was a dream.... Then Konica Autoreflex T appeared on the scene, fell in love with that, then the Canon F1, which I was able to buy in 1974, was in my first real job then..... The Pen remained a dream, always wanted one for the optics, but brfore the internet it was nearly impossible to find one around here.

    I now have one, it gets used from time to time, whenever I decide to teat myself, dreams can come true!
  2. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    I do not have one :-( - only memories.

    40 years ago an Olympus Trip 35 was the family hack, then it fell into disuse and I finally gave it to my step grand daughter. She was 15 and it was soon left on a park bench or somewhere. I stopped giving her cameras after the next one which went the same way.

    The Trip saw us through Europe in the late 60's and well into the 70's when I got the Spottie.

    It was a good camera and I don't know why folk talk down the lens quality. Seemed good to my simple tastes. I was lucky - I had a friend with a pharmacy who did D&P and he would print 2 to the frame. He has a Pen F and a spare for parts.

    I agree about the servicing of 'F' models. I gave the 2 cameras to a well respected repair man here, and he ruined both. All that was wrong was the spring on the rotary shutter. Since my friend had all the set (as an agent he got the first-class tour of the factory etc) and he bought a 3rd working one. It was such a saga.

    I will 'sandbag' on the side.

  3. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    I DO have an Agfa Rapid that takes 24x24mm with special cassettes. Does that count?

  4. cmo
    Sure. Do you load the Rapid cassettes yourself?
  5. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Yup! I pulled one apart (and reassembled it) to see what the problem was reloading, and even with actually using the things.

    I now understand why the film has a double hump on the tongue unlike regular film with a one sided or pointy tongue. It's to do with the guiding coils inside the cassette. Put a rounded or pointy end in and it will easily jam up in the take-up cassette. Each hump is centered over the sprocket holes and the dip is in the middle of the film, between them.

    One clever fellow I know actually adapted a cart from (IIRC) an Actrix? cass. He said something about a disposable camera cassette, anyway.

    I got mine with an other regular Silette from a bloke who's Dad had died and left all his photo gear. When I say 'all' there was a folding brownie in a most elegant home-brew box so that it never got folded and as a consequence the bellows are just fine. The other Silette Rapid I is a manual adjustable model with a 2.8 lens and several speeds.

    There were rapid films unused and some ordinary 12 shot films waiting to be loaded, I think. Yhat is how I knew something special was needed in the way the film was transported across the gate. Even a 120 to roll for the 620 Brownie, which has some spare reels.

    The automatic Isomat (square) camera is rather basic but the lens is allegedly not too bad for a triplet. I have used it just to see if it goes and of course with nothing much to go wrong it is still very functional and pristine. The shutter release is kinda 'clunky'. With that and its lightness you have to be specially careful to hold it steady. There is no battery so it uses a selenium photo-cell. Not the best thing in the world.

    Hey! It was fee!

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