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half frame qualifications

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  1. Murray Kelly
    Among my souveniers I found a Vivitar plastic camera (35mm) which came as a gift for subscribing to Readers Digest or whatever. I notice it has a 25mm lens and that would be a perfect half frame lens. Everything is plastic (dunno abt. the lens) and I am tempted to crack it open to see if the winder could be modified to wind 4 teeth instead of eight of the sprocket wheel per single frame wind. Wouldn't it be a hoot if one could make a half frame onesself? :-).

  2. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    I ran a strip of film thru the canon demi and despite my misgivings there is no light leak. Hopes remain eternal.
  3. Iantoz
    It's been a long time since I posted on this site.

    This is an update to my Olympus acquisition, it was very rusty and hence of no use to me.

    So apart from my three Canon Dial (none of which work and I can't even make one good one out of the three) I do have a Fuji drive which works sort of (the film wind on is not the best) but I can take photos with it and, my luck so far is not very good.

    I am however having lots of luck with digital cameras !!

  4. StephenSteinke
    Challenge Work
  5. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    G'day, Dai and Stephen. I was disappointed with the film I used in the Canon Demi. Rollei 80s. I really didn't expect it to be quite so 'microfilm' in character and therefore needing special developers.

    I know the digitals are so neat and pocketable. I bought a Samsung {?ST30?} and with 10Mpx and 3x zoom and built-in flash it's of the same volume as my Minox B with the flash attached. Cost me all of AU$60. What with that and seeing some spectacular phone pictures I now have a 1000; of film with nothing to do.

    I must get back to that Chaika. It's a challenge for me as I've been very ill these last 9 months - in and out of hospital and still largely house bound. Gradually getting stronger but I lost 10kg. Not a method to lose weight I can vouch for. :-(

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