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Any other Auto-Reflex lovers?

  1. bushpig
    This is my half-frame of choice.

    Although, to be honest, I typically shoot in full frame, I still use half every now and then.

    I paid about $200 USD for mine, but I don't regret it at all. It's a tank and it goes almost everywhere with me.

    He's big and loud and heavy and tough. He earned his name (Rex) and wears it well.

    Any of you other guys or gals love this camera?
  2. Removed Account2
    WOT? Maker, model, data & picture please, I haven't a clue what you're talking about.
  3. cmo
    The original Konica Autoreflex could be switched between full and half frame:

  4. bushpig
    cmo is right. It's a 35mm SLR by Konica. The first model to use the AR Bayonet mount. Amongst other pioneering features, it's (as far as I know) the only camera that lets you switch between full and half-frame. You flip a lever on top of the camera, creating a mask in front of the negative and altering how far the film goes when you advance it.

    This is mine.

    This site (my favorite Konica site) gives all the details and data you could ever want:
  5. Removed Account2
    Naaa - not the only camera by far! But maybe the only 35mm camera that is switchable. The half-frame/full-frame concept was pioneered way back in the day, for instance 6x9/4,5x6 folders, or my MOCKBA 5 6x9 folder that can use an insert for 6x6, some of those was switchable in mid-film too. The germans did unbelievable things long before WW2.

    But this was interesting I've HEARD of the switchable Autoreflex, now that you remind me of it, but never seen one. I have a Autoreflex though and a few lenses to go with it, I could start looking for a switchable predecessor! Thank you!

    PS wasn't there somewhere a version of the later Konicas to be had in half-frame only? I think it could be ordered specially??
  6. bushpig

    I'd like to see some of those other switchable cameras. I'll look up the MOCKBA. Any info you have on the rest would be greatly appreciated.

    The original Auto-Reflex is definitely worth having. I was almost hesitant to spend so much on a film camera after having not shot film for so long, but I don't regret it at all. I use it A LOT. More than any other camera I've ever owned. Although I have so much medium format that I need to start using my Koni-Omega more now.

    As far as other Konica cameras in half-frame, yes. There were several. Most of them are pretty rare though. I know there's a SUPER RARE Hexar AF that came in half-frame. I don't think it was ever available to consumers. I think they only made 50 of them and only about 10 of them made it to the US. Something like that. I don't feel like looking it up right now, but it's easy to find the info for it via google if you're interested. There was at least one other SLR they made that had a half-frame variant. I can't remember what model it is though. Probably easy to find via google as well.
  7. Removed Account2
    Back in the day a simple in-lay was the common thing. People had little money, film was expensive, apparently copies where cheap. So lowering the negative area&quality was acceptable if one could get 16 exposures instead og 8 out of a roll of 620.

    But there where quality cameras that had shutters to change between 6x9 and 6x6 for instance, but as far as I know, no other camera could change in mid roll, broad daylight than your Auto reflex. Intriguing!

    I've never seen anyone make a list or a web-site over cameras that was multi-format either, theres an idea!
  8. Removed Account2
  9. Luc More
    Luc More
    Another 35mm that was switchable between full-frame and half-frame is the Canon Sure Shot Multi-Tele (sold under other names in different parts of the world). However you had to choose when loading the roll, it could no longer be switched once the door had been closed.


    It's much less of a "classic" camera, being a late 80's autofocus with integrated flash, film advance and auto-everything. Still takes good pictures though, and few people know that it can be used in half-frame mode. I have 2 of these guys.
  10. bushpig
    I got curious. I did a search for completed Auto-Reflex cameras on ebay.

    What the hell happened?! I spent almost $200 on mine. They're going for less than $100 on there! A black body went for less than a hundred!

    Am I allowed to swear here?
  11. Removed Account2
    Well start swearing, i rejoice! Some claim film sales are skyrocketing and that film-camera prices have gone through the roof.

    Generally that is not true. But some smart-asses are putting up things on $bay at Buy-now prices that MAKES things seem pricey.

    Just follow the auctions and see the true prices and follow the buy-now offers going not sold.

    Also follow the buy now - best offer auctions, most things eventually gets sold for substantially less than Mr. Smart thought he would get.

    Some things are covetted though Olympus Pen F seem to be pricey, Leicas have fallen way down, relatively speaking from the 1980's back then I could not afford a well used one, I can now!
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