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    I have had Robots for a long time, at one time it was my first system camera, a Robot Royal 36.

    I now know that the Royal could be had as a half frame, mine was a full frame, spring motor drive, bayonet lens affair, that was quite a quality build. I never got anything but the 45mm factory lens, it was heavy, sturdy and did sterling service in the early days of my first daughter.

    I foolishly sold it, or rather gave it away for a song, when I was into Canon FD cameras.

    At one point I had 2 45mm lenses for it (don't remember how I stumbled across that, there was no ebay, and I live out here in the boonies), and I think that lonely 45mm might be tha last thing remaining from that camera here, if it hasn't been lost when I moved a lot in the late 1980's.

    Today I have several Robots of the 24x24 variety, and I'm thinking about selling deown to just one, but will test & play with all of them before I let them go, and will only sell to people who will use them with respect and who know what they are about to get.

    I will make some pictures and put up here, maybe someone else has a Robot to show us also?
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