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Pen F lenses on Pen FT and the lightmeter

  1. cmo
    Today my new Pen FT arrived... a beauty, looks, works and even smells like new. It was modified for modern battery voltage 1.5V. I have a 25, 38 and 100mm lens... and here comes a question: my 25 and 100mm lenses are made for the original F and do not have the funny 0-6 scale like the FT lenses. Is there a way how to use the normal f-scale with the funny Pen metering scale?
  2. thuggins
    Olympus sold stick on strips to go on the F lenses to match them up to the meter numbers of the FT. It is a simple matter to do, as the FT numbers are one stop apart. You just have to get the zero setting correct. Just compare the FT's metering at zero for a given lens to the actual f-stop from a standard meter, all the other stops should fall in line.
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