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Pen F lenses on Pen FT and the lightmeter

  1. cmo
    Today my new Pen FT arrived... a beauty, looks, works and even smells like new. It was modified for modern battery voltage 1.5V. I have a 25, 38 and 100mm lens... and here comes a question: my 25 and 100mm lenses are made for the original F and do not have the funny 0-6 scale like the FT lenses. Is there a way how to use the normal f-scale with the funny Pen metering scale?
  2. thuggins
    Olympus sold stick on strips to go on the F lenses to match them up to the meter numbers of the FT. It is a simple matter to do, as the FT numbers are one stop apart. You just have to get the zero setting correct. Just compare the FT's metering at zero for a given lens to the actual f-stop from a standard meter, all the other stops should fall in line.
  3. StephenSteinke
    Zero Saturation Setting Stop The Numbers
  4. StephenSteinke
    Great Post
  5. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Welcome Stephen. Very quiet nowadays. Do you have a half frame?

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