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Small flashlight for Pen FT

  1. cmo
    Wintertime and bad weather with a half frame that does not shout "use a Tmax 3200", that means, I need a strobe.

    There is an adapter for Pen F series cameras, an accessory shoe that allows to break off the finder glass by putting a flashlight on the camera... well, that's what people say who needed a spare part afterwards.

    The other choice are flash brackets, but they are bulky. In addition, the standard orientation for strobes is landscape vs. the standard orientation for Pens is portrait, so it is necessary to attach a strobe turned 90 degrees...

    How do you use a flashlight with a Pen F series camera?
  2. Removed Account2
    Strobe turned 90 degrees? Dont forget this is HALFFRAME! Any flashlight covering 24x36 will cover half frame with ease, no matter what orientation.

    Don't try to create a problem where theres nought.
  3. cmo
    A 38mm lens on a halfframe has the same angle as a 50mm on a normal 35mm camera - so, I think there IS a problem.
  4. Removed Account2
    Not if you think it through. You flash will EASILY cover a 35mm lens on a full frame, in fact since the middle of the 1970's most flashes was adapted so that they either did, or could be changed to cover 28mm lenses on a full frame.

    Do you own math, and dont start inventing problems when there is none.
  5. cmo
    What if I use a wide-angle - 25mm - on a Pen FT?
  6. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Put a diffusor on it - like a foam cup. You can even point it straight up and bounce as well!

  7. StephenSteinke
    flash brackets bounce well
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