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  1. keithostertag
    I'm interested. I have been shooting with an old 500C for a few months, and just got an old (1970) SWC the other day. Unfortunately, my 500C has been at David Odess's shop for the last two months waiting to be worked on :-(. Keith.
  2. david b
    david b
    I wish I had a SWC. Someday soon.
  3. fschifano
    I've come into a 503 cx kit from an estate sale recently. Lucky me! I think it's a spectacular piece of kit, but I'll need to sort out the diopter corrections for the finders to help with focusing. That's a problem I have with all my cameras.
  4. david b
    david b
    The latest PM45 view finder has an adjustable diopter. Well worth the $400 it might sell for.
  5. keithostertag
    I thought the newer waist level finders had an adjustable diopter. Certainly you can change the eyepiece to the diopter you need, that is for a waist level finder, and they come up on fleebay often. I've always had trouble with focusing myself, so I always use the magnifying and of course a tripod. I have read other people suggest one of the chimney finders that have adjustable diopter. For eye level, David's given the only solution I know of. Have you tried a cheap pair of reading glasses?
  6. keithostertag
    Is there such a thing as an adapter to go from 63mm -> B60? I have several B60 filters I'd like to use on my SWC which has the old 63mm (series 8) screw style filter mount.
  7. Sirius Glass
    Sirius Glass
    My usual warning: Handling a Hasselblad may be hazardous to you wallet!

  8. Fintan
    I found focusing difficult at first and bought the current PME45, the metered prism which helped me massively. Prism is now redundant, I just got better at the focussing.
  9. gr82bart
    Mine is yellow. :-)

    Regards, Art.
  10. Fintan
    So is everyone kindof interested in square photos or do you guys shoot H or X series?
  11. Les
    Hello. I live in Bear, DE. I shoot medium format and I have just started using 5x7 and 4x5. I shoot mostly black and white film. I have a darkroom and process and print all my own work. I also have the PME45 prism which is a great aide to focussing and composing. Regards,
  12. John_Nikon_F
    Currently in between Hassy bodies, but have owned a couple 500c's over the past few years. When it comes to MF, square is how I fly... I've noticed that some of the NC series eyelevel prisms do have a normal Nikon F/F2/F3 thread. Might be easier to use a Nikon diopter than hunting down the genuine 'blad diopters...

  13. André E.C.
    André E.C.
    I keep on dreaming with a Planar CF 100mm F/3.5 to substitute my 80 f/2.8, sooner or later...

  14. Kvistgaard
    Finally made it out of 35mm. Surprised at how much easier (almost) everything is with 6x6.

    Mine is a 500c/m with the standard 80mm CF T*. WLF and prism finder, three backs. What more can you possibly ask for? 150mm lens, perhaps...
  15. nik4s
    Long time Hasselblad user, 503cw and 50, 80, and 180, and a black swc/m with rmfx finder. Love shooting square.
  16. Jonas Adolfsen
    Jonas Adolfsen
    I just got myself a SWC from the 70's in mint condition, and it really is fantastic, even so a bit difficult to get good pictures with. But with a little practice....
  17. hamakimi

    I've owned my 503CW for some years now. Switched to digital in 2001, but now rediscovering the analog way of working. I've fallen in love again with the square format.
    Also thinking of setting up my b/w darkroom again.
    Still have my enlarger Durst 605.

    I'm new to this site, just registered.

    My Hasselblad equipment consists of:
    Variable macro ring
    Prof lenshood
    500ELM (for sale on ebay)
    Loop finder
    2x A12 magazines
  18. msdemanche
    I have been using my Hassey for two years now. Before I used a Yashica G. Got the girl on ebay and had her refurbished and am very happy with her. right now all of my posted work is either holg or 4X5 but I will get some hassey images up soon.
  19. msdemanche
    I have added some work shot with my hasselblad in my gallery. Interested in any comments from the group.
    new member
  20. illumin8em
    I am just taking a chance here. If anyone is interested in going halves on a 2 camera, 4 lens, and more set-up please look at my post. If this post is not wanted here, I apologise and let me know so I and I will delete it. thanks
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