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New to Group

  1. archieswell
    Greetings All,

    I am new to both APUG and this group.

    I started my interest in photography nearly 35 years ago, and always loved the classic look of the 500 C. I was fortunate to purchase a beautiful specimen around 2 years ago with an 80mm synchro compur, lens WLF, spare A12 back and AE prism finder. I just love the chrome trim and the silver colour of the lens so much that it is on show in a display cabinet. I had the camera serviced and ran a roll of fuji velvia through it and boy was I excited. Doesn't it just c#$# over digital.

    I Love my Hasselblad.

  2. Q.G.

    They do indeed look good, those 'chrome' C lenses. And very popular with people who like the vintage look (many in Japan).
    So good that Zeiss even put a few new lenses in 'chrome' trim again. But with so many nice old ones around, why 'cheat'?

    If you are after that vintage look, you should however get some non-A magazines. They are cheaper too. And work just as well, and as quick, as the A-ones.
    A WLF with struts would complete the look.
  3. archieswell
    Forgot to mention the A12 back is a spare. The back on the camera has a lovely chrome trim. Got onto a website where you can date the camera by serial number. The back is 1963 and the body is 1967.

  4. Q.G.
    Was it (shameless plug follows) this website?

    You can find user manuals there too, which may be fun to read.

    And instructions how to change the light seals on your backs.
    Doing that is part of regular maintenance, and needs to be done every two, three years. Probably sooner with freshly bought second hand backs.
    If you decide to cut your foam pads yourself (much, much cheaper than the 'official' pads), you could do it as often as you like. Better safe than sorry.
  5. archieswell
    Oh Yes! it is the same website.

    Where does one acquire such foam seals?

    What type of material would you use to make your own seals?
  6. Q.G.
    The "official" seal kits are sold by Hasselblad or through Hasselblad repair shops.
    They are also offered on eBay and such, but i suspect (never bought those from there) they are DIY-products.

    I use sheets of black closed cell foam material sold at crafts/hobby shops. I forget how thick exactly, but about 3 mm.
    They are cheap (a few $), and large enough to cut many, many pads out of.
    I don't know how long they last, since they are so cheap that i replace seals probably much more frequently than needed. But it's obviously better to do it too often than to wait until you get frames ruined by light leaks. (I keep track of when what back got a new seal, which at least told me when a back was about to be overdue.)

    The original foam pads have a mylar backing, with a curve in it that pushes it upwards. The foam i use doesn't, but is a bit thicker, so still seals he slot completely. But you notice that inserting the slide takes tiny bit more 'push'.

    The foam is wrapped in a mylar foil, that protects it from the sharp edge of the dark slide. That foil doesn't need to be replaced often. Only when it is worn through. The foam pads themselves however deteriorate, losing elasticity fist, and ending up as a sticky goo.
    I'm still looking for a replacement for the official foils (still have a small supply of original ones). I believe some people cut them from exposed and developed film leaders. Haven't tried that myself yet.
  7. naeroscatu
    Until you figure out what replacement works best do what I did: order the seal kit from Hasselblad USA: call the parts department at 973-227-7320 speak with Nicole at x. 238. She ships as soon as you pay. Don't remember what I paid for one kit, probably something in the range of $12-16. It will last for at least one year. Cheers
  8. Sirius Glass
    Sirius Glass
    Hello, welcome to APUG!
  9. archieswell
  10. Sirius Glass
    Sirius Glass
    Welcome to APUG!
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