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Hello, new to the group.

  1. JERV
    After 30 years of daydreaming about owning a Hasselblad I took the plunge a year ago. I'm using a 503CX kit. I have a spare magazine and 80 & 50mm lenses & most of my photographs are landscape. What a learning curve! I've only used B&W so far (Delta 100), developing it myself and scanning the negs into Photoshop via Silverfast in an Epson V750 Pro. The Hasselblad equipment is absolutely stunning and the failures I've had have been down to my lack of knowledge or experience rather than the equipment.
    I should be pleased to hear from anyone who is also on the 'scanning route'.
  2. Sirius Glass
    Sirius Glass
    503 CX, 50mm, 80mm ... obviously a person of good tastes. Now all you need is a 150mm, 250mm, 2X extender, extension tubes, 903 SWC ... and you will be one your way! You can get lots of Hasselblad help here.

    I started on the scanning path and I printed ten 8x10s. Then I had to buy more ink cartriages. Ten more prints and ran out of ink. I went to Craig's List and bought an enlarger. Never regreted setting up a darkroom.

    People in Hybridphoto.com may be more help in the 'scanning route'.

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