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At last, I own a Hassy!

  1. BosseA
    Today I got my first Hasselblad. It's a 500C -59, with a Sonnar 150/4 lens.
    Back in the mid -80's, I actually applied for work in their assembly line here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Sadly I didn't got the job.

    So this weekend I'm going to let my Rolleis stay at home...and just bring my Hasselblad with me.

    Have a nice weekend everyone...
  2. Bertil
    Good Luck!
    Bertil (Umeå!)
  3. BosseA
    Thanks Bertil!
  4. pentaxpete
    Hope you do not a Light Leak in the film back even my A12 back NEW in 2002 developed a leak and ruined some Ektachromes taken in Austria !
  5. Sirius Glass
    Sirius Glass

    Once I started using a Hasselblad, I got rid of all my other medium format equipment and never looked back.

    Now you need to get the Hasseblad 903 or 905 SWC so you can take wide angle photographs!
  6. John Austin
    John Austin
    Does anyone else use the Hbd SWC, the World's most expensive box camera?

    SWC was the good Hbd without all the metal flying around during exposure, simple, direct and easy to use, except I could never work out why Victor did not put a coupled (Leica type) rangefinder on the top - Working close at apertures wider than f8 focussing can be difficult by scale

    I used my 500 Hbd cameras in the studio for commercial work, but for personal medium format work I always used my Rolleis, and still do

  7. Bertil
    And at last I own a Hasselblad 1000F!
    Very nice, made 1957, the last year this model was produced.
    The camera came with a Zeiss Tessar 2,8/80 mm and Zeiss 3,5/135 mm and extension tube # 40 (mm).
    The camera originally belonged to a photographer in Sweden (Allan Östberg, Finspång); when his studio was sold to Rolf Pettersson, Reymyre, it was put on the shelf since he had his own 500C camera.
    It looks very nice and works fairly well, made some reasonable nice pictures when testing it. The shutter has a nice sound (softer than my 2000 FC/m) and the shutter release feels nice (nicer than my 200FC/m).
    Didn't know that the "Blads" before 500C lacked automatic aperture; makes me admire even more some of the photographers who worked with the 1000F camera:
    – some of the very best in Sweden, like Lennart Nilsson, Sven Gillsäter, Rolf Blomberg, Sten Bergman, Svante Lundgren, Rune Hassner et al, as well as Ansel Adams!
  8. John Austin
    John Austin

    I am glad someone is caring for the 1000Fs

    Now you need a set of Hbd close up bellows and blank body caps so you can buy "interesting" lenses, like my 250 Rodenstock Imagon, to mount on it

  9. Bertil
    John, yes there are a lot of interesting lenses and certainly the Imagon lenses are among them, but quite expensive looking at the Ebay at least!
    You are probably lucky with your 250! Wouldn't mind an adapter from the Hasselblad bayonet equipment to the 1000F mount, but haven't seen anything like that, probably never made.
    Blank body caps seems not just expensive but also rare!
    My most "interesting" lenses is a Kodak Aero-Ektar 2.5/178 mm to my Speed Graphic and a Zeiss Tessar 3,5/165 mm to my Graflex; and a Petzval like "Great Wall" fitted to my 2000FC/M – this last lens would really fit the 1000F but would need a blank body cap to fit it to the 1000F.
    Just got a film magazine from 1956 that fits the 1000F nicely and an extension tube #20, happy for that!
  10. Sirius Glass
    Sirius Glass
    "Does anyone else use the Hbd SWC, the World's most expensive box camera?"

    I have a Hasselblad 903 SWC which I use for the right situations.

  11. Thingy
    Yippee, I've finally bought my first Hassie!

    I have just bought a secondhand 503CW in black with a small cosmetic dent (it works fine) for £500. That's only a body mind! I will buy a 120mm Makro CF & A12 back when finances allow.
  12. petepictures
    I think this one would work with the Russian lenses for their Kiev 88 model.
    I am using Russian Zodiak-8 30mm fisheye on my 2000FC/M.
    Had to modify it for the new model though.
    Let's see some pics then?
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