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Introduction and a question

  1. aleksmiesak
    Hi fellow Hassy lovers!

    After a lifelong love of photography and film I have finally decided to spoil myself with a Hasselblad for my 35th birthday. By far the best birthday gift ever! My purchase included 501CM with A12 back and 60mm CF lens. I have development and darkroom experience from my work with 35mm format from about 10 years ago and I plan on going back to my love of analog life and slowly build my own creative cave (the darkroom).

    My question is gear oriented. I have a never-ending and always growing wish list for my new "baby" but my first item right now is a cable release. I have seen a bunch of different versions of them on ebay and wanted to double check with everyone here as to which one you most use. I mostly shoot with natural light so I don't think I need a double cable. I assume those are for controlling the strobes as well as the shutter but correct me if I'm wrong. Also I want something that will have a lock on it so I can do long exposures and I don't need anything very long either. Here's one I've been considering but can't find any details about it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/19-for-HASSE...item53e78adaa4 I assume the knob on the side of the release is a lock but I would like some confirmation on that.

    Thanks for any help and I look forward to exchanging ideas and images with everyone here!
  2. AdamB501c
    Hi Aleks,

    There are loads of Cable Releases on the web, my second and favourite has to be this one; http://www.firstcall-photographic.co...ack-vinyl-10in. It locks with the twist of a collar located at the grip. It's not too long and it does the proverbial job. The little knob on the CR on Ebay you linked is the locking mechanism you're correct.

    The strobe connection is located on the lens via a PC Sync port on the right hand side of the lens; looking at the lens, which connects to the Flash Heads you're using.

    I hope I've helped.
  3. leix45
    Hello Aleks;
    Not trying to be a know-it-all, but I do know from experience that vynyl covered cables get very stiff when it gets even a little bit cold. ( I notice you are from balmy Montana)I've had better luck with woven stainless steel covers. There are probably 100 different cables out there ( I got mine from B&H) so I,m sure you will find exactly what you need.
  4. selmslie
    My favorite is the Nikon cable release, about $15 from B&H and other sources. I have several. They are durable and worth the extra money.

    The double cable release is for lenses mounted on bellows to release the mirror separately from the shutter. You don't need that for a Hasselblad.
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