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Flex Body

  1. Dashcraft
    Hi, my name is David and I'm new to this group. I have been using Hassy's since the mid 70's for commercial, weddings, and fineart photography. Recently I picked up a Flex Body and I'm hoping to find other users to help me understand and what to expect from this camera. That said I might add that I have a 4x5 and 8x10 that I shoot with so my questions are more along the lines of how the controls on the flex body should be working. For example I'm wondering how the shutter winding knob should feel when using with a lens attached?

    Also, any advice or tricks anybody might have would be greatly appreciated. The Flex Body is an amazing piece of equipment, and sexy ; )
  2. leix45
    Hello David;
    You might get some really good information from a fellow photographer by the name of Oleg Novikov. He is a Hasselblad user also and since you are obviously not a novice you will probably have a lot to talk about. He is hard to get hold though because he travels a lot but he has helped me out ( a HB novice ) greatly. He has a very interesting web site by the same name.
  3. cjbecker
    The flex body is one if the pieces that I would really like to have and use but just don't have the money.
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