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503cw Dilly of a Pickle ! Please help.

  1. austinartUK
    Hello everyone, My name is Nick. I hope you have all had a good Christmas.

    I have a problem with my Hasselblad 503cw. I don’t pretend to be an expert with the camera, totally the opposite. While I have owned the camera for some years I haven’t used it for some time and so haven’t got the hang of the method of using it. It has a matched A12 back (they came as a kit) and a CB 80mm f2.8 T* lens. Camera and back were manufactured in 2000.

    I had the camera serviced a couple of weeks ago and have since run 1 roll of film through it successfully. So the camera was working at that point.

    I took the camera away with me when I visited family for Christmas still with the spent roll inside. I removed the roll from the camera with the back still attached. Loaded a new roll onto the magazine and re seated it into the back. It would onto ‘1’ without any problem. I wound the lever back to its ‘home’ position and removed the dark slide.

    The camera is wound on. The trigger depresses fully but the camera doesn’t fire.

    I have tried removing the back, then firing the camera but that has the same result.

    I have tried mounting a different back (an A16) which is empty to see if that makes a difference, it does not.

    I have tried depressing the lens lock button and gently rotating the lens, as if to remove it and it does turn. I’m hesitant to actually remove it incase that makes things worse. But it does turn at least. Does that mean anything?

    My assessment of the facts (which I hope I have presented above) baring in mind that as I have said my knowledge of the camera is very limited. Is that it is something to do with the order in which I have wound the camera between finishing the last roll of film and loading the new one.

    Remember, the lens has not been removed during all this, which I think discounts a ‘usual’ jam. I am sure it is the operator (Moi) at fault and not a problem with the camera.

    I have spent some considerable time reading forum posts and watching videos in an attempt to figure this little conundrum out. I’m sure this is something simple (I hope so anyway!) and I look forward to your input and wealth of experience to help me fix what I’m sure is a simple problem.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Bertil
    I just have an old 500C, so I don't know much about the newer 500cw.
    But have you tried to remove the lens?
    If you can remove the lens and the house still doesn't fire, there must be either something having to do with this type of house capable of having or not having a winder (on/off button for this of some kind?), or something is just wrong with the house, as far as I can understand – or perhaps something having to do the flash metering system in the camera house?
    Hopefully someone knowning more about 500cw will come up with better suggestions!
  3. selmslie
    I have a couple of Hasselblad bodies. They are incredibly robust. You might be able to clear the problem yourself.

    First, insert the dark slide and remove the back.

    Next, check the lock behind the shutter to be sure it is not in the "L" position. If it is, unlock the shutter release. If you can now fire the shutter, turn the rewind crank. Put the back on, you are done.

    As Bertil suggests, if you can remove the lens it must be properly cocked (you cannot remove it otherwise).

    However, if the shutter will no fire normally, try the mirror up release (under the winder). If the mirror snaps up, now try the shutter release.

    If it finally cycles, be sure to crank the winderbeforeyou reattach the lens and back.

    If it is still not working, I'm afraid you will need to get it serviced.
  4. Douglas Fairbank
    Douglas Fairbank
    Hi AustinartUK, It sounds like the safety lock that opens when you remove the slide to allow the camera to fire might be stuck. If the 'feel' of the shutter button is the same with the slide fitted or removed that might be a good indicator. If you dont mind fogging a frame you can look at the aperture on the bottom left of the A12 as you face the front of it and see if the lock moves in and out as you fit or remove the slide. If it is stuck it is an easy fix.
  5. Mark Feldstein
    Mark Feldstein
    Although I'm about six months late here, I believe the answer to this would be to re-cock the body. Sometimes the body shutter will trip on its own. To solve that issue, remove the film back, very gently open the shutters with your fingers and look towards the inside front of the body. There you'll see a larger screw with a flat-head type slot. Take a screwdriver and carefully turn that slot to the right. That will recock the shutter. At that point, the lens should release and you'll be back in biz.
    Hope that helps someone out.
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