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Resetting the counter on a A24 back

  1. Randy K
    Hi everyone. I'm a new Hasselblad 500CM owner and have a very newbie question. I have an A24 back and I'm shooting 120 in it. I've read all of the posts on using 120 i an A24 back so I'm good to go on that subject. Before I loaded my first roll of film, I was cocking and firing the shutter to get a feel for the beast. When I decided to load my first roll, I loaded it fine, advancing the film to the arrow before closing it up. Before I advanced it to frame 1 and put in on the camera, I noticed that my frame counter was at 16, a result of me dry firing it it before I loaded it. For the life of me I could not figure out how to reset that counter other than removing the film, putting the back on the camera and firing and advancing it until the counter read past 24, then removing the back, at which at that time, the counter reset the properly.

    Is there an easier way to reset the counter on the A24 while mid stream, like after shooting and removing a roll of 120?

  2. Douglas Fairbank
    Douglas Fairbank
    The counter should reset when you take out the spool holder. If it does not there is a fault.
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