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Just joined the group

  1. joanhassel
    Hi. Finally I've decided to share my passion with other analog photography lovers. Recently I've created my own web page and now I'm trying to contact with other people in order to share experiences and maybe some questions. I've joined to Hasselblad group because I work with 500c and Xpan, but also with Leica M7 (I hope this doesn't offend anyone). Nowadays I'm using an old S-Planar 120 mm with the 500c, that I consider as a very good lens, but in my mind I want to get again the Planar 100 mm that someone stole in a moment of confusion.

    Another think is that I only work with natural light conditions and, living in Barcelona, this means that I have a lot of days during the year with the beautiful Mediterranean light.

  2. pentaxpete
    Welcome from COLD and SNOWY ( and DARK ! ) England -- you must upload some of your photos into this Group -- I have never used that S-Planar 120mm . I have been top Barcelona twice, once last year on a Royal Caribbean Cruise and took my LEICA gear not PENTAX as it was smaller and lighter for Aircraft travel to the ship. You can see my photos in the LEICA user's Group. I have got my Hasselblad ready to use in my darkroom BUT it is just TOO COLD and it is too heavy to got out in the town with it at the moment ! I have a half-used Ilford XP2 super film to finish.
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