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Hello - I've waited 40 years to say this "I have a Hasselblad" & Screen Question.

  1. seethelight
    Hi ,
    I've read all the posts really helpful - Great site !
    I've just bought a 503CW and it was surposed to come with a "Bright Acute matte screen " the screen that came does not have two notches in the frame which I understand is the marking for a "D" Acute matte screen - do you think I've been cheated ? I have established the screen I receved is a Acute Matte screen but it apears to a "first generation" version .- is there reason to protest to the seller and does the wording "Bright Acute matte " infer that a "D " should be supplied - i.e. does "Bright" mean anything ?
    Regards from Australia
  2. Mark Feldstein
    Mark Feldstein
    My first question is whether you bought this CW new or used and what was represented to you as far as viewing screen provided in the body? Over time, bright screens were made by Beattie Intenscreens, Minolta supplied them to Hasselblad and later Zeiss made them and labeled them "Bright" which I believe is what you have there. I'm unaware of any notches on the metal frame itself. There are, howerver, notches on the left hand side of the film magazines that produce the distinctive horizontal "v" notches on the edge of the frames exposed. Notches on the focusing screen wouldn't make sense. Some of the newer bodies have notches in the viewfinder (not on the screen itself) to allow the PME to work properly.

    To get a glimpse of the many acutematte or bright screens availble for Hasselblad, take a look at E-bay. And no, I don't think you were ripped off. Enjoy your 503CW. It's a great piece of equipment.
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