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Using a Mutar T* 2x Teleconverter on a 500C

  1. pmviewcam
    Hi. Have just joined the group.

    I am hoping someone might be able to solve a problem: I have a 2x Mutar which will attach and work happily in my 500C/M and 500EL/M. However, when I attach it to the 500C, the shutter release won't activate. It isn't locked as when I put the 100mm back on it releases as normal. The lens attaches to the converter with the appropriate "click", but attaching the Mutar to the 500C body requires holding down the lens release button. No satisfying click. It feels like the mutar is not locking into place properly.

    Has anybody struck this, or Is there some limitation on compatibility?

    Peter McDonald,
    Canberra, Australia.
  2. Bertil
    Hello, I don't think it's some limitation on compatibility, shouldn't be that between 500C and C/M models. Probably some adjustment problem with your 500C and the Mutar - suppose only a skilled repair man can explain. /Bertil
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