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modifying a super slide back

  1. mike c
    Ive got a super slide back that I don't use and have heard of guys cutting them them out to a 21/4x13/4 format.Anyone tried this? I don't think Victor would mind. m.c.
  2. bdial
    It's something I considered until I was able to buy a 645 back cheaply on ebay. It seems entirely feasible, though I'd probably have a machinist do the cutting unless you have a milling machine.
  3. mike c
    mike c
    Thanks bdial, so I I'm not the only one with crazy Ideas,sorry for the delay in responding I'm still feeling my way around hear. A machinist would do a better job of it. What holds me up is finding and mounting longer rollers the super slide has smaller one,unless one would keep the short ones in there,then test it with film for flatness. you might end up with a crooked margarine ,which could be cropped out in the enlarger.
  4. Q.G.
    It makes no sense really.

    It may seem a fun thing to do.
    But on the other hand, let's keep some of those superslide backs 'alive' (Victor would mind. ).
    And it will always be no more than a bit of a bodge job.
    So given that, and with today's prices in mind, just get a real 6x4.5 magazine.
  5. mike c
    mike c
    Thats what makes me hesitate OG. I don't use chrome much perhaps I can find a trade for another back. Thanks for talking me out of that crazy idea.

    mike c.
  6. Bertil
    Mike, I agree, O.G. has a Good point: HB stuff are available these days for quite reasonable prices. Perhaps you can sell the superslide back (there are at least collectors everywhere!)
  7. mike c
    mike c
    I was just thinking of putting it in the trade or sell adds here.
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