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Removing a “slideholder”… and a brief intro

  1. Ira Rush
    Hello All…

    Member of APUG for quite awhile now, newbie here in this sub-forum/group.

    Recently bought another used A16 back, (Hey, I like shooting 645) that has a Lindahl slide holder attached to it. While in theory it’s a great idea (storing the darkslide), this one however is causing a problem. I should have had the camera body and prism with me, when I got this one to test out any problems, but of course I didn’t, and of course, no returns, no refunds.

    Sooo… Is there a way of removing the holder, without damaging the leatherette covering on the magazine? For those familiar with the slideholder it can really only fit a certain way, however in this case, the person who had the magazine before me, attached it… well perhaps a bit too high on the magazine back. It's causing a problem when mounting to the body with the PM90 prism. It (the top of the slideholder) hits the prism, I have to jump thru hoops to mount the magazine....

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    (Now for the boring brief intro...)
    Been shooting Hassy 6x6 and 645 for almost 35 years now…. Hassy 500 C/M (when it was called the C/M and not the “Classic”)… 50, 60 80, 100 & 150 “C” lenses, some not even T*…. PM90 and PM5 finders, WLF, and Mag. Hood, … Numerous backs, A12, A16, (even A16s), and A24’s…. Tons of filters, shades on and on…
  2. mike c
    mike c
    Hello Ira Rush,I'm not familiar with that slide holder don't really have one,use my back pocket then forget that its there and bend it. If previous owner put it on then he maybe used glue,which might take some of the leather off with it. If there are screws it would be easy,you can buy new cut to fit leather from the net,ebay or such. Also there is lighter fluid or napa but have to be careful that it does not harm leather. I've also have collected a large amount of hassey stuff over a 30year period,I like the camera.Sorry I could not help you more,let use know how it works out.

    mike c.
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