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Hasselblad telephoto lenses

  1. Paul Goutiere
    I am considering getting a 350mm telephoto for my 501CM. Aside from the price can anyone advise me about issues with a lens like this?
    Much thanks
  2. Q.G.
    Try to find a CF lens.

    The older C version has the same glass as the CF, but less good ergonomics.

    The newer CFE version is a different optical design, and, being a superachromat, much more expensive.
    But if money is no object...
  3. vpwphoto
    BTW that Hasselblad 1.4 converter is sweet on the 150mm.
  4. Sirius Glass
    Sirius Glass
    I think about getting 350mm to add to the 150mm and the 250mm, but then I realize that with the four lenses that I have plus the backs and extenders that I can barely carry the backpack camera bag!

  5. John R.
    John R.
    Weight can be an issue. I happen to really like the 350 "C" T*

    I've had mine quite awhile and the thing is extremely durable. Seems much better built than the newer CF series. The lens shoots gorgeous chromes and I don't Hesitate for a second to recommend it. The hood is compatible with the 500mm, which I also have. So, I have a arsenal of 250 - 500. The 350 being a great equalizer when I don't want to lug around the weight of several long lenses. The 350 is a great lens for fashion too.
  6. Sirius Glass
    Sirius Glass
    "The 350 is a great lens for fashion too. "

    I tend to avoid buying camera equipment or cars to make a fashion statement. <<wink>>
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