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How many of you are shooting 1600F/1000F?

  1. Veyronman
    I'm assuming there's not a lot of us about...

  2. Q.G.
    I do. Occasionally.
  3. Bertil
    Hello Veyronman!
    I just got one! From 1957 (the last year it was produced). Very nice, came with Zeiss Tessar 2,8/80 mm and Zeiss Sonnar 3,5/135 (and extension tube 40); I already had a magazine from 1956 (have used it for years), so with this the camera is complete (a nice looking magazine from 1957 on its way).
    Have just shot two rolls of film; the 1/50 sec speed doesn't work and 1 sec, 1/2 and 1/5 sec are normally equal to 1/5 sec. Otherwise everything works nicely and I managed to make some good pictures when testing it!
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