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Covetting an Apecase AC1200

  1. Markster
    My camera case is nice but too small. I had a compact case way back. It worked when all I had was my Canon AE-1P, my 50mm lense, and a roll of film.

    For my birthday of for Christmas a few years back I was given a nice camera case, but I have slowly outgrown it. Now I have a bit more that I want to put in the case. Not to mention I used to never carry the flash around but now want to include it.

    I've seen a few reviews and like the looks and user-configurable panels inside the AC1200. The small case is too small I can tell. The large case looks the same but is an inch or two deeper. The middle size looks just about right, albeit with small and unhelpful side pockets.

    I have:
    Canon AE-1P body (stored sans lens, vertical, on-end)
    Sunpak 266D (a bit taller than the body, about same size)
    plastic square Diffuser cap for flash
    2 prime lenses:
    50mm/28mm, both short
    2 zoom lenses:
    70-200mm (about same height as camera body
    28-70mm (about 2/3 the camera body height)
    40" cable release
    Reclosable AA battery package
    Rubber viewfinder eyepiece
    Room for film canisters much appreciated

    And I would like room for additional lenses or another lens-less body for future expansion.

    Apecase happened to catch my eye, but does anybody have a recommendation? I'm not looking for hard-cover luggage. I want it to be a functional camera case that I reach into to change lenses etc.

    For "light" trips I have a photog vest with pockets that works well in a pinch. Or the small camera case I have right now. I want a single kit, though.
  2. Tempt f8
    Tempt f8
    I have both LowePro and ThinkTank backpack/roller cases that will hold and protect 'everything'... but, for their outrageous cost (both around $400.), they do neither backpack NOR roller job very well. I love Pelican cases for the protection but they are just TOO big & heavy to move! I love Domke's canvas bags, but there wasn't much protection for gear, plus they're expensive (though I do still use my Domke vest).
    So lately, I've been having fun trying to find 'alternative' camera bags. It's no secret that many new photo bag models are 'hiding' the camera bag look, so why not do that yourself and save money? I love to look thru thrift stores 'cuz you'd be amazed at what people get rid of... old rucksacks and daypacks that are large enough to hold a modern padded case (or even two) and yet don't have that 'STEAL ME' vibe! I've found both black & brown real leather rucksacks, as well as a very cool, 'Ol Skool' cotton canvas & leather day bag, that have more usable room than I generally need for 1 cam + acc stuffed inside a padded camera bag stuffed inside the outer bag... and yet cost less than $10. or $15. (often a LOT less). Yes, it's a bit more trouble to go digging though stuff to find these treasures at Goodwill, but isn't that part of what we love about old film cameras in the first place? Btw, on my profile, there's a photo of my new 'army issue' mini Alice bag that holds all of my 6x9 Mini Speed Graphic kit (protected by a LowePro bag fitted inside). Go have some fun and think outside of the 'camera' bag!
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