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What was your most memorable hike or trek?

  1. thefizz
    So what is the most memorable and enjoyable hike or trek you have ever done?
  2. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    Eureka Valley Sand Dunes over into Death Valley. There was one narrow canyon we were following, and it was just a bit off the maps, so we weren't sure it had an exit, but we left ourselves plenty of time to backtrack. We'd see a high wall ahead of us, figuring that was the end, and then we'd get closer and realize that the canyon turned, and at the top, after going through a narrow spot maybe five feet wide it opened onto a hill covered with Joshua trees and a broad view of Death Valley.
  3. T Hoskinson
    T Hoskinson
    In the mid 1970s, We canoed the Albany River in Northern Ontario from Lake Saint Joseph to Fort Albany at James Bay (about 600 miles or 980 Km).
    We resupplied via pre-coordinated Bush Plane flights (an Austin Air Beaver).

    When we reached Fort Albany, we were met on a gravel airstrip by a DC-3 that flew our canoes and canoe packs to an airstrip on the Moose River. We then loaded everything onto a train for the trip back across Ontario to Thunder Bay. Fantastic Trip! White Water canoeing, Great fishing! Great photography opportunities.
  4. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    The most memorable trek I recently did was a day hike at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park in the Hockley Valley region Northwest of Toronto back in the fall. I got there for 8 am, there was no cloud in the sky and no other hikers along the Bruce. I was in heaven with my solitude.
  5. thefizz
    For me I think it would be hiking in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordon with the highlight being the climb and view from the Burdah Rock Bridge. Getting to the top involved whats known as scrambling which is a mix of hiking and climbing, sometimes on your hands and knees. Technically not that difficult but extra care was required. Our Bedouin guide led us up the rocks which took about an hour. As we concentrated with our climb, it was only when we reached the top that we stopped to have a good look over the desert. It was simply stunning. Our guide made tea and we had lunch before heading down, which was a bit more challenging.

    That night we slept under the stars by the fire and the next day we climbed Jaba umm Adami, Jordans highest mountain at 1854 meters. The views here were very different to the day before but equally as good and worth the climb.

    Wadi Rum was a great two days hiking, my most memorable yet.
  6. Hell-on-a-stick
    One of my most memorable hikes was to a place called thunder lake in Estes Park, Colorado. It offers great vistas on a summer day, and plenty of opportunity to shoot both 35mm and med format, lots of rushing water and tall pines. I recommend the treat of hiking it on a grey day in october for the best temperatures and experience. a 'low ceiling' day will find you up in the clouds with plenty of surreal scenery.
  7. Panoman617
    I like the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on Lake Superior summer, winter and fall. Lots of cool stuff to photograph.
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