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Your latest hike....

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  1. Markster
    You know, that has the same feel as one I did some years back. I only found the location of it (here in Colorado, USA) with the help of the APUG forum users here:


    You can find a better-weather set of pictures here (not my gallery): http://www.lightrainproductions.com/...eryFifteen.htm

    Different greens/trees/rocks, but it strikes me as somewhat similar.
  2. coigach
    A return trip up Sgurr an Fhidleir in the northwest highlands of Scotland - see a few posts back for a link to a hillwalking website for pictures. Last time I didn't get the picture I wanted due to very high winds and snow spindrift. Got what I was after this time though, gorgeous dusk light on the summit over the peaks of Assynt. Felt like I'd died and gone to heaven! Coigach / Assynt is my favourite place in the world, to see from high up in the amazing soft colours of a winter dusk was just perfection. Was pretty cold though, fingers numb! Used my Fotoman 617 and Mamiya 7, and had yet another epic return in the dark by headtorch after making photos.... Managed to slip on boggy ground near the end and broke a rib, ouch....!

    Rewarded myself with a great chippy in Ullapool on the way home to Easter Ross. (Winner of the BBC Radio4 Food and Farming Award for 'Best Takeaway in UK' a couple of years ago trivia fans...!).
  3. coigach
    Went up Cul Mor, a mountain in Assynt in the northwest highlands of Scotland.

    Bizarre localised weather - was a sunny day, but with several hills covered in cloud, yet many higher hills 10 miles north and south cloud free. Waited for an hour on the summit but no luck.

    A real pity. I had done my homework - the sun sets directly over the iconic mountain Suliven at this tiime of year and I was hoping for soft dusk light. Oh well - a return trip is in order. At least it gets me fit...!
  4. coigach
    Another few trips in the last month: Loch Maree at dusk, Mellon Udrigle beach also at dusk, both in Wester Ross in the northwest Highlands of Scotland.

    And a trip to another site in an ongoing project to photograph sites associated with the Highland Clearances. This one was Dubh Clais, above Glencanisp in Assynt in the northwest highlands. It's a small settlement which was forcibly cleared in 1800. The site has great views to the iconic mountain, Suliven, in my opinion the best mountain in Scotland.
  5. coigach
    Where have all the posters in this group gone? Surely I can't be the only person hiking with my camera...?
  6. Wyno
    No, you're not the only one, it's just that I haven't been able to get out and about lately.

    However!!! On Monday while I was in Alice Springs for my partner's graduation ceremony we went to Palm Valley which is about 130 kms west Of Alice. This is in Australia (otherwise known as the land of Oz) for those who don't know. To get to this place you must have a 4wd with reasonably good ground clearance. A Subaru Forester will not do.

    Palm Valley is utterly delightful. Lots of great vistas and hard walking. Unfortunately because we flew, I was not able to bring my 8x10 and was stuck with the 35mm, but I was able to get more shots because of this. The landscape is made up of very red rock due to the high iron content, and because the valley is very protected from wind has very mature palm trees growing. These trees are the same species that have been growing here since the dinosaurs, and they only grow in this one valley. The day we went was totally windless making for wonderful reflections in the pools of water that make up the Finke River. This river is said to be the oldest continually flowing river in the world. The river only flows in times of heavy rain and this year has flowed quite a few times already. The average rainfall is usually about 70mm but this year there has been 300mm already, so the area is quite green, with plenty of wildlife and flowering vegetation. The shame of it is that I was shooting b & w not Fuji Velvia.

    I now have three rolls of b&w and 30 sheets of 8x10 (from previous trips) to process, and, when I get a scanner, I will post some of them here for everyone's enjoyment.

  7. coigach
    A dusk visit to Redpoint in Wester Ross in the Highlands of Scotland.

    Last light is late at this time of year, about 10.30pm-ish. Lovely low dusk light over Loch Torridon, across the islands of Raasay and Rona, and over to the jaggy Cuilllin mountains on the isle of Skye.

    Used my Fotoman 617 panoramic. Was a privelllege just to be there and experience such amazing light and beauty. Hopefully got the photo I'd visualised in my head too...!
  8. Markster
    I've been busy lately, and haven't got out in a long time to do anything. Just this past weekend though I went out on a boat on a lake near Lake Granby (but not Granby) in Colorado here. Got a few pics, but I have to develop it still.

    Honestly, I love getting out and shooting through a roll of film, but I am very concious of taking rolls of film that just show "Trees.... trees... more trees...." so I'll refrain from shutter-happiness often unless I see something nice or am at least attempting something (i.e. seeing how a 2x teleconverter on my 200mm zoom makes a 400mm zoomed photo).

    May be going to Pike's Peak around 4th of July, as well. Finally starting to warm up here! Can get out and do stuff now!
  9. Panoman617
    It was a short one out at Crisp Pt to the lighthouse with the guys from Photostock.
  10. coigach
    Another visit to Redpoint beach, Wester Ross, Northwest Highlands, Scotland. A wild west coast day, with squalls of rain blowing and ever changing light. Was rewarded with stunning stormy light over the coast of Skye, reflected on the wet sand from the receding tide. Perfection. Got soaked 10 mins later...!
  11. Markster
    It's been a while since I've posted here. I've simply got too much on my plate these days but I do still enjoy photography and I pass by apug once in a while

    Beginning of this month I hiked up Grays and Torreys here in Colorado. Started before dawn. Due to an issue with the party of 6 involved we delayed and waited and eventually I and most of the others made it up to Grays and came back down (but from a google search on somebody's phone during the drive back we found it was the higher peak by 20-30 feet, so we count that a moral victory!)

    It also was the ONLY peak with snow. A much lamented fact. We were layered right but it still made for interesting travel at the peak.

    Very low light, so blurry. The beginning of the hike, peaks barely visible in distance.

    Looking back, still low in the valley with the trees. Sun has come up more:

    Grays on the left, Torreys on the right. There is a trail from one ridge and actually along the ridgeline itself over to the other. That's the trail we declined to take this time around.

    Looking back at the valley we came from... Excuse the grain, operator error (wasn't thinking, stopped it down)

    Switchbacks started above snow level... As high as the clouds!

    Me at the top:

    I didn't take it naturally, but I framed it and positioned it and suggested how to frame it, so the end result showed the mountains hidden on the backside of the peak.

    Oh, and excuse the poor corners on the scans. Did some web-friendly scans to share with other members of the hike but my scanner does that.. Slides the photo on the glass and then gets the white angled corners. Too much effort to recrop or rescan them all, so there you have it.
  12. coigach
    Looks great Markster - wish I was there!

    My latest hike was on the island of Skye in Scotland. Am on the final push with book project (I will finish it this winter, I will, I will...!).

    Walked in to Suishnish, an abandoned village forcibly cleared during the infamous Highland Clearances. Sad place, but beautiful mountain backdrop with Blaven and the Black Cuillin ridge in the background.
  13. daleeman
    Went to Ricketts Glenn State Park in PA. Had a wonderful time from 14-16 October. Met up with a few other APUGers and we hiked most of the waterfalls.

  14. coigach
    Been making the most of the first serious snow of the winter here in the Scottish Highlands with trip to the ancient Caledonian pine forest in Glen Affric - about a 50 min car run from home.

    Very fresh snow, large amounts of it. I was driving through new snow with no other vehicle tracks on a highland single track road (complete with snow-banked and so unusable passing places!). Erm, intersting!

    Was magical - blue sky, no wind and so much snow the trees looked liable to break under the weight. Total silence, only me and my cameras there. Lovely patterns on birches and Caledonian pines.

    A cold weekend forecast and I'm off work Thursday and Friday, fingers crossed for decent light. There have been several freezing nights now which has packed the snow, making driving into remote places and any subsequent walks more of an, erm, adventure...!
  15. coigach
    A nice short walk from Glenmore to Lochan Uaine in the Cairngorms.

    Plenty snow, and the ancient Caledonian pine trees looked wonderful in between snow showers...!

    Happy New Year - may 2012 be filled with many happy treks.
  16. coigach
    A walk up a small mountain called Bidein Clann Raonaild. It sits at the head of Glern Torridon in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, and offers a superb view of the mountains of Liathach and Beinn Eighe. I've had my eye on this viewpoint for some time, and the sun is behind you at this time of the year in the morning. So up I went with my Fotoman 617 and Mamiya 7, was on summit for about 8.30am and got lovely early morning light.

    Next day I was in the Cairngorms, another short walk to Locain Uaine - hard frost, loch frozen, and the gnarly Caledonian pine trees looked great in the frost.

    A productive photographic weekend!
  17. coigach
    A walk in to Hallaig, on the Isle of Raasay off the west coast of the Scottish Highlands. Hallaig is a village that was forcibly cleared during the Highland Clearances - the Gaelic poet Sorley Maclean wrote a famous poem of the same name, here's a translation by IIrish Nobel Prize-winner Seamus Heaney:
    I'm working on a long-term series of photos on Highland clearance sites. The village ruins are in a beautiful location, but sad with echoes too...
  18. coigach
    Another trip to Hallaig - see post above!
  19. coigach
    Trip to Cul Mor, a mountain in he far north west highlands of Scotland. Went round to the corrie underneath summit for some panos with my 6x17. Nice light over Suliven, in my opinion the finest mountain in Britain. Will post anything decent to APUG gallery in due course.
  20. coigach
    Yet another trip to Hallaig, on the island of Raasay in the north west highlands of Scotland - see post above.

    Also, next day went up Dun Can, Raasay's highest point. Good view from summit, also looks down onto the Hallaig ruins.
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