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Hiking & Trekking (Introductions)

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  1. Ralph Javins
    Good morning, KerrPanda;

    Welcome to the group. Discussion of preferred socks and boots is permitted. Tripods can be heavy and bulky if they can do the job of holding the camera still. A telescoping monopod or hiking staff with a knob on top held onto a 1/4-20 thread screw sticking up can serve as a substitute for the tripod in many cases. It does help.

    Good thing that you are going inland with what looks like will be coming ashore down on the coast.


    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington (where we get rain and an occasional volcano)
  2. thefizz
    Hi Kerrpanda, I'm a bit like you as I like to travel light when hiking.
  3. Tempt f8
    Tempt f8
    Hi all, my name is Steve and I live in Nashville. When I was (much) younger, I helped maintain part of the Appalachian Trail near Skyline Drive in Virginia, but these days, I don't get to backpack much... love it though. Glad to see that there are still committed photographers out there documenting our small world's landscape... Keep on Truckin'!
  4. Markster
    I suppose I ought to introduce myself as well! I thought I had, but I guess that was in the APUG "introduce yourself" forum thread.

    I'm in Colorado, Denver area. Can't have a nicer area for folks that like to hike, bike, ski, snowshoe, or anything outdoors!

    in the winter you get to use all the fun toys, and in the summer you get to hike those same places and find a totally different experience.

    Tons of beautiful locations. Lakes. Mountains. Plains. Nestled into the base of the Rocky Mountains (an ever-present landmark and visual reminder of the outdoors) I rather like it here. I don't get to go on hikes as much, but I love it when I do.

    I've taken my camera skiing (amateur level), snowboarding (beginner level) snowshoeing (medium level), mountain hiking (14K-er!), cross-country hiking (up to 11K and down again), and that's just here in Colorado!
  5. daleeman
    Introduce myself,
    I'm Lee, live in Dayton Ohio and love to get out and walk and see what is out there. Anyone live in my area?

  6. coigach
    Welcome to the group Lee.

    Look forward to seeing the fruits of your photo hikes in the APUG gallery
  7. thefizz
    Welcome Tempt f8, Markster and daleeman. Looking forward to hearing about your hiking experiences.
  8. Panoman617
    Hello I'm Panoman617 from Michigan. I like taking long hike's with my 6x17 to do landscape photo's. Ben working as a photographer for the State the last 23 years.
  9. Markster
    Welcome, Panoman.

    Well for recent hiking, I almost went up Pike's Peak on the 4th of July, but it fell through. Got about 45 minutes into the hike (still in the trees) and had to turn back. Oh well, you can't win them all.
  10. T. R.
    T. R.
    Greetings. New to APUG. I have found the information and community highly useful for my research with pyrocat-mc processing for efke 4x5, 6x6. Are there many Colorado landscape explorers here?
  11. thefizz
    Hi T.R.

    Welcome to the group.

    Wish I could say I was a Colorado explorer.

  12. coigach
    Welcome T.R - enjoy APUG, and happy hiking!
  13. waynecrider
    Being currently located in the Phoenix area, it's hard not to want and get out into nature in one of the local mountainous area's with your camera. South Mountain is a great area to hike and get some great shots of nature, sunsets and the skylines. Then again if your willing to get up early, you can get way out into nowhere on a day trip or up into Sedona for that matter. I'm currently hot on the trail of finding areas of flowers blooming as March into April is prime time for shooting before the weather gets too hot. With all the hiking I've been doing I'm now beyond finding the right boots phase and on into gear and areas for overnights.
  14. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Wayne;

    Nice to know that the Arizona flowers and things are still out there. The covers on ARIZONA HIGHWAYS were always impressive.

    And, while it is not yet time to go seeking the alpine plants here yet (but soon) there are many flowers starting now right down here in the lowlands. I need to get out the ring flash to go onto the front of the lens for some more even illumination and greater depth of field. One nice there here is that we do not get the high temperatures you can experience, but I do agree that the area up around Sedona is nice.


    Ralph; Latte Land, Washington
  15. defektive
    Hi All,
    I live in Tasmania, Australia which is where I do pretty much all of my hiking. We have some very nice wilderness areas that are very conducive for getting "lost" for long periods. I also enjoy skiing which I try and go elsewhere for when possible as our ski areas are not very extensive or reliable.
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