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Hiking & Trekking (Introductions)

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  1. thefizz
    Just thought I'd set up a group for hikers & trekkers. Please introduce yourself here and feel free to start any threads to tell us about your favorite hiking locations, stories of good and bad hiking/trekking experiences you have had and what gear you carry, etc.

  2. dburian
    What a neat idea to start a group of hiking photogs. I tend toward longish backpacks so pack space and weight are an issue. I carry two Nikon FAs, a 24mm f2.8, and a 35-70 f2.8. My Gitzo is a bit heavy but accomodates my photographic style. Most of my treks/backpacks are in the canyon country of Utah and AZ. OK, that's me, how about you?
  3. thefizz
    Hi bdurian, I always carried two slr's (1 colour & 1 B&W) when hiking abroad but last year I substituted one of them for a Mamiya 7 rangefinder which isn't too much heavier. At home when hiking in the Cooley and Wicklow mountains in Ireland I usually bring just one camera.

    Regarding Zion, I was there about six years ago and loved it so much. My time was limited so I only got to walk along the river for a few hours but it was early morning I met no one so it seemed like I had the park to myself. I took some nice photos which I must scan in here. I wanted to go to Bryce Canyon also but sadly my time ran out as I had a long drive back to L.A. I've always intended to return to Utah some day.
  4. Blighty
    Hiya everyone,
    Hope this group is open to those of us across the pond. My main photographic impetus is hiking/fellwalking (next to family portraits). This is great, I can bore a whole new group of people with my mountain shots Regards B.
  5. thefizz
    Hi Blighty, this group is open to anyone from anywhere, welcome
  6. Blighty
    Did anyone get out and about over the christmas period? For my part, I went on a short but entirely delightful plod over Place Fell (in the Lakes) with my son Stef. Unseasonably warmish but lovely and clear. Took my Mamiya TLR and various lenses, filters and lightmeter. It's only a shortish walk, but I was knackered when I got back to the car. Got some good shots though. Oh BTW, happy New Year everyone. Regards, B.
  7. cdholden
    Blighty, I managed to visit some new ground the day after Christmas. I did not take a camera due to the potentially awkward social situation that took me there. The social anxiety went much better than expected, and fun was had by all present. Back on track with my own nature photos, I did detour a little to scout some places along the way to burn some film in the future. I drove into the southwestern corner of North Carolina. En route, I passed Ocoee (site of the whitewater events in the 1996 Olympics), plus got a nice view the area for some future hikes in the Cherokee National Forest. I look forward to going back in the spring once flora begins to grow and bloom again.
  8. Romary
    If I may introduce myself,

    I live in France in Auvergne which is a great area for hiking. A quick photo made with an old Dacora Dignette to give you an example:

    Whan I hike, I usual take a 135 camera like Minolta X300 or Nikon F301 and also now I take an old Adox Golf folding camera which allow me to shot 120.
  9. thefizz
    Hi Romary, welcome. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your hiking photos from Auvergne.
  10. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    Hi, my name is Bill Smith (trade under Uncle Bill). I am a regular day hiker along the Bruce Trail in South Central Ontario in Canada. I am a big fan of hikes along the Bruce in the Hockley Valley and Forks of the Credit region in Caledon On.

    I am right now on a winter photography kick and focusing in and around the Forks of the Credit and I am getting great shots.

    My go to gear for winter photography would be my Nikon FM or Olympus OM-1md. I need a light SLR that won't weigh me down both these bodies fit the bill perfectly.
  11. coigach
    Am a keen hillwalker, and enjoy exploring the Scottish Highlands. Have done about a third of the Munro's, but am not an obsessive 'bagger'...honest. My favourite landscape is the far northwest of Scotland - none of the best mountains here are Munro's.

    Usually use a heavy Pentax 67 kit (5 lenses) for landscape photos, but it's much too heavy for climbing trips. Recently got a Fuji GA645zi for this purpose, and am very happy with it. Here's a photo taken on my 2nd trip with it:

  12. Blighty
    I agree, the far northwest is a truly lovely area. I used to tour the area on my motorbike back in the early 90's. Stopped at Scourie a few times. The landscape up there is almost lunar in places. I particularly liked Quinag and Ben hope (amongst others). Welcome to the group BTW. We haven't had a posting for a while.
  13. thefizz
    Hi Gavin, I hope to get to Scotland some day for a photo trip. Seeing your images just makes me want to go.

  14. coigach
    Hello Peter - swap. I really fancy a trip to the Burren and back again to the Aran islands...!
  15. coigach
    Hello Blighty,

    The far northwest highlands are amazing. I've organised another trip there for early May. Am planning to climb Canisp - not the most spectacular mountain in the area, but probably the best viewpoint for Suliven (the best mountain in Scotland I reckon) and the Assynt wilderness. Fingers crossed for decent photo weather...!

  16. notjustsomeone
    Hello all,
    I'm just a vagabond here in the U.S.
    Got started with photography while I was in Missouri, did a bit of hiking in the ozarks, then lived in Colorado for a while, I love the rockies, I'm currently among the great plains of Kansas, not really my cup of tea, but it's home for now. In the absence of hiking terrain I've taken up bicycling, though some winters here make just getting out of the house a trek in itself.
  17. Wyno
    Hi all,
    I've just joined the group. I don't get out as much as I'd like to, but always have fun when I do. I live in Geelong, in southern Australia, and I use a Tachihara 8x10. It's quite a cumbersome load when hiking in the Otway rainforest near where I live (it's only 70 kms away). I've just driven to Alice Springs and back to pick up my partner and had 2 days shooting up there which was definitely not long enough.
  18. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, all;

    Greeting from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I wound up here after growing up in the US Navy. This is a nice part of the country in which to live. Nice mountains to photograph (on the days when we get sunshine). Lots of places for snow sports and fun in the winter. You learn to appreciate the colors and contrasts when the sky is gray much of the year. We had sun just this afternoon, so I spent some time out photographing the crocuses coming up in the front lawn.

    Most of what I am doing now is with 35mm (mainly Minolta, but some Nikon too), but there is a 2.25 Square and a 4 by 5 SINAR F and F1 if the desire for a larger format arises. There is also some DSLR gear for the guys who want photographs of their event immediately at the end of the event for them to carry with them while driving home. Some of this has been published, but I am not a professional. I do admit to being a very well equipped amateur.

    Other interests in addition to photography include radio, ski patrol, Search and Rescue, the cats, "public service activity," and trying to keep my computers operational. I no longer have a useful purpose in life; they pay me to stay at home now.


    Latte Land, Washington
  19. thefizz
    Hi to Ralph, Mike and notjustomeone. I haven't checked this group for a while so missed the last few posts.

  20. kerrpanda
    Hello from Central Texas! Usually on a hike it's my Nikon FM2. Still am too lazy about carrying a tripod, though... So now I take the Diana, too. Some interesting stuff with that! Want to do McKittrick Canyon this fall.
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