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Hello from Southern WEstchester

  1. PeterAM
    I've been a member of APUG for a few years and to tell the truth, I don't shoot nearly as much film as I want to. I've been into photography, on and off, since I was in high school in the '50's. Although I've played around with other formats, I pretty much shot 35mm all those years. Built a first class darkroom in the late '80's; as soon as I finished the darkroom, I changed jobs and the new job demands severely limited my time in the darkroom (hardly ever used it). Fortunately. my daughter was getting a BFA and MFA in photography at that time, so she made extensive use of the darkroom. Fast forward to around 2005; darkroom hasn't been used in years and has become a storage facility. Realizing that I was not going back to the discomfort involved (bad back, etc.), darkroom gets ripped out (the equipment is all boxed up and gathering dust) and photography becomes the manipulation of pixels and ink.

    I kept all of my cameras (35mm Pentax equipment and a Mamiya 1000S outfit) and (very) occasionally shoot a roll of film. Every time I use the cameras and have to shift into the old mental process, I realize how much I enjoy doing it and also how nice it is to handle the machinery (versus the plastic computers with lenses). Just finished a roll of 120 that was probably in the Mamiya for at least a year and now have to find a place to have it developed. Probably going to try PDK in Harrison; if anyone has used them, I'd like to hear your thoughts. I live in lower Westchester County and would prefer to use a place where I can talk to someone, versus mailing the film out.

    Thought that I would connect with this group and hopefully get some inspiration.
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