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How many people print B&W on colour paper?

  1. gr82bart
    So I shoot 99% of all my work on slide film, even my B&W is mostly taken on slides. That said, I print most of my B&W on colour paper too. Even any B&W negative films. Today, I mostly print everything on Kodak Endura Metallic paper in wet chemistry via a Lambda or OCE Lightjet. How many people do this too?

    Regards, Art.
  2. coigach
    I shoot all my b+w work as dr5 reverse processed trannies. Prints are either Cibachrome or Lambda's from scans, on colour paper. Works well for me...!

  3. jnanian
    i'd say 80% maybe more of what i shoot gets printed on kodak endura lustre through a pro lab i use.
    it frees up alot of my time and allows me to expose more film or paper. i also have faux lumen prints
    ( i expose photo paper in the sun for the image, and scan the fading paper image ) and the scan becomes
    the only record of the image. i make these often, and the endura print is the only way to print these images.

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