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Recieved this email message and wish to pass it along.

  1. Robert Brummitt
    Jens Jensen came to last Wednesday's, PPF meeting. Then he emailed me this letter. I have shared it with the PPF membership but thought I cast a wider net to help Jens along.
    Should be an interesting experiment and I will post this in the Pacific Northwest group as well.


    I have been instrumental in developing a new digital printer/enlarger that can produce negatives without any digital artifacts.

    This machine can produce negatives up to 30x45", the unit I have here in Oregon can produce up to 20x32" negatives.

    I would like to offer 4 Platinum printers from Oregon and WA to submit each one digital file and we will produce for them a negative in the size they ask for up to 20x32". There will be no charge for this negative. We will pay for both the negative and shipping. We do ask though that the receiver will write a few lines back to us with their findings regarding the negative and print quality associated with this new negative.

    If the participants have the capability they are welcome to submit the desired contrast range for the platinum negative expressed in density units, shadows with details being the low value and non specular highlights being the high value. Ie 0.1 and 1.2 = density/contrast range being 1.1

    Also, our equipment has what is currently the worlds most power full interpolation logarithmic and can make a good job of low res files however 80-90 mb files are desired for 20x24" negatives and 110 mb for 20x32" negatives to give the best possible result.

    The desired file size, for any other size negative, can be found by (multiplying the length with 1200) x (multiplying the width with 1200) the result for 20x32 is ( 20x1200=24000) x (32x1200=38400) = 921,600,000 which is equal to 109.86 MB

    I can be contacted via email jensen@poli-pro-usa.com or phone below by those interested. It is my hope that you will distribute this offer to the interested parties.

    Best regards

    PHONE 800 675 1493

    OFFICE 503 846 1492
    FAX 503 601 4519
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